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Common Junk Items Retirees Hoard that Needs to be Disposed

Hoarding is an obsessive behaviour associated with the uncontrollable collection of items which can be of little or no monetary value. Keeping a set of mementos is normal, and some people reward themselves by buying one after an achievement.

On another hand, this collection can accumulate over time until a point where the entire room is stuffed with objects that are eventually considered rubbish. This is a common problem for retirees, where they have collected items for a long time until a point where all the hoarded rubbish needs to be disposed of.

With respect to this concern, Paul’s Rubbish Removal, Sydney’s most reliable removal service, has compiled the most common junk items hoarded by retirees that need to be disposed of.

Newspapers & Magazines

Your retired parents’ long-favourite recipe is present, or it mentions yourself or your children’s achievements, so you decided to keep the whole bulk of newspaper or magazine. However, it includes all other unwanted pages which eventually will pile up and amass, needing for a day’s worth of lifting and dumping rubbish.

You can clip off the important parts of the newspaper or magazine and file them while throwing the rest of the pack in the recycling bag. You will then have time to in the porch and recap all important events covered by the press, enjoy reading gardening tips, or look at picturesque landscapes and movie stars in magazine pages without being bothered by loads of unwanted papers.


The youth’s generation is rewarded with all information accessible via the internet. On another hand, most retirees would prefer reading on a physical hardbound and some of them tend to keep huge piles of books in their homes. This clutter could get in the way and obstruct accessibility, especially for seniors.

While books are important, hoarding them will take up a huge space and make wide rooms appear crowded. It is recommended to go for the electronic copies and only keep physical books that you most need.


Clothes are among the most hoarded items, particularly by retirees. You feel sad when things no longer fit and hold on to outfits that you want to wear someday when the time is right. You have a spacious closet but all those shopping for clothes on sales have crammed the poor furniture and all other worn-out clothes are left above cabinets or in bins, eventually overflowing. 

You can, however, recover some space in your closet by giving out old clothes for donation or reselling them in garage sales or posting it as an online ad. For torn and fully unusable clothes, you can consult a rubbish removal service such as Paul’s Rubbish Removal for tending to the hoarded mass.


There is a wide range of inexpensive and high-quality tools available in large quantities for people to buy them. It’s a good idea to have an all-in-one set of wrenches and other tools in your garage, however, storing countless hammers, sockets, axes, and other hand tools will certainly become a problem. Not only will maintaining them require multiple cans of mineral or linseed oil to avoid rusting, but the unpleasant smell of metal and oil will also ruin your garage’s scent and will make the room awful.

On the bright side, Paul’s Rubbish Removal keeps its job to help you decide which tools to keep and what to give away or sell. You don’t have to keep multiple duplicates of similar performing tools, especially if you rarely use them.

Old Prescription & Over-The-Counter Medication

Many retirees take multiple maintenance medications, while some undergo treatment under prescription medication. In many households, medicines are bought in quantities and could often result in medication hoarding. However, it is inevitable for prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medication to get past its prime date. While it is typical to throw away expired food, retirees and other households can frequently forget about disposing of expired medicine. 

Since many of us store them in medicine boxes or plasticware and outside the packaging box that comes along with it, we have no idea about their expiration dates. It’s time to start checking your medicine’s expiration dates and if any of them are way overdue, dispose of it.

Trash Bags

Cases of hoarding rubbish bags are not only limited to home with retirees but are also possible for all households. Council collection day can be inconsistent through the week and you could miss your garbage collection day once or twice. At the end of the day, your rubbish still has to go somewhere, so you store it on a corner, which will eventually grow into a heap of rubbish bags. This is more frequent for retirees who need extra help in carrying out the heavy load repetitively.

Rubbish hoarding could exponentially affect your health because they will attract pests and bacteria in your home. Furthermore, the stinking smell will also spread across your immediate neighbours, impacting not only your household but the others as well. 

However, this can be avoided by calling expert rubbish removalists like Paul’s Rubbish Removal. By eliminating your hoarded rubbish, we will help you limit your exposure to unwanted rodents and bacteria, this will also reduce the likelihood of sickness in your household.


Hoarding is considered a condition that could use the help of Paul’s Rubbish Removal. Our team has been removing hoarded rubbish accumulated particularly by retirees who don’t have the strength in doing all the toilsome cleaning.

Retirees deserve more time bonding with their family, and Paul’s Rubbish Removal is most available at your disposal so you can do more while we tend to any amount of rubbish you want to be removed. Call our friendly staff on your convenient schedule and we’ll be in and out within the hour, taking away all the junk you want to be removed.

If you want to take the hassle out of your household within the day and likewise need the guarantee that your old appliance gets as much value even as garbage, feel free to talk with our friendly staff at 0407 125 125 or email us for inquiries and a free quote.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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