The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Food Waste

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Did you know that about one-third of all food produced for human consumption around the world goes to waste”

Reducing food waste is one of the modern ways of dealing with waste. This is due to the fact that food remains the largest percentage of waste on Earth. Proper handling of waste garbage is not only beneficial to us but also to the environment. We should therefore, learn on various ways of reducing the amount of food wasted.

How to reduce food waste

  1. Creating a meal plan

We should avoid bringing food into our home in the first place if we need to reduce food wastage. Buying more food than we can manage ends up leaving more of it unused. Such food end up spoiling when you eventually discard them. We should create a good meal plan whereby we plan what we will be eating in advanced. The best time should be a week earlier.

  1. Serve what we can eat

Unless our eyes are bigger than our stomach, we should not serve what we can’t eat. More people serve what they can’t manage and once they are done eating, they throw the rest into the dustbin. This is total food wastage. We can use a smaller size of the plate to help us serve less food. We should only add a meal once we have emptied our plates. In simple words, serving in small proportions is key.

  1. Creating simple and quick recipes

When we have less time to prepare meals, it is important to plan easy to make and simple recipes. Try making meals that take less than an hour to prepare. Also, have things ready in advanced. We should only have heavy recipes when we are free and have a lot of time to cook.

  1. Reduce the vegetable peels

Vegetable peels tend to create large amounts of food waste within a short time. If we make a conscious effort to reduce vegetable peels, then we will have enough veggies to make back our own money.

Besides that, we will have the necessary minerals and nutrients contained in the vegetable peels. Try eating the veggies as a whole and avoid peeling them off. For instance, we don’t have to peel the potatoes. Instead, try baking them as a whole and try the crunchy peels.

We may not be the kind of people who like eating skins. All we need to do is cut a less part of the vegetable peel. We have modern peelers which can help you create smaller layers of veggie peels. We can also buy a vegetable brush. It works best by removing the upper layer of the vegetable skin.

  1. Reuse foods for other mealtimes

Have a zero waste home. This implies that we have a home that does not create any kind of waste. This requires a lot of effort to make happen. Ensuring that all the food we have at home are used is key to managing food wastage. We can use the following tips;

  • Using old coffee grounds as a body and face scrub
  • Creating a veggie broth using the peels
  • Making bone stocks using leftover bones
  • Adding old vegetables into a stew to add taste to them
  1. Compost food waste

To be realistic, we will always end up throwing away some food scraps irrespective of how much we try to reduce waste. We should follow the above tips to help reduce the amount of food we waste each day. We should try to compost food waste instead of throwing them away. Throwing them fills the land in which is hazardous to human health.

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