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Household Waste That Are Adding to Environmental Problems

Home-generated waste also causes environmental problems that you might not have imagined before. There are things you discard from your homes that cause negative environmental impact especially when you don’t dispose of them properly. As such, it is always a good idea to consider the kind and types of products that you purchase regularly for your homes. You never know the small ways you can help in lessening the environmental problem.

Household waste is also known as domestic waste is one of the most common types of waste. There are houses everywhere and each home generates their waste every single day. As such, you might find the need to dispose of your accumulated trash from time to time. 

It might be a nightmare to discover, but these are some of the things you discard or throw off on a whim that can cause dangers to the environment. These items are products that don’t seem dangerous at first, but your rubbish removalists take extra care steps before scrapping them. They can be very dangerous to the environment. Water contamination and negative effects from wildlife can result from erroneous disposal of these items. These are:

Automotive products

Products for your automobiles are considered hazardous house waste. When you discard those products for your cars, they can be a cause of issues during disposal. Typically, items like brake fluids, car wax and gasoline are flammable and should be in precaution. It would be better to handle them beforehand before disposing of them or calling your local rubbish removals to dispose of them.

House cleaners

Another common household item you probably dispose of all the time is your selection of house cleaners. These products are very heavy in chemical compounds. As such, they can be a source of irritation and flammability. In bigger volumes, house cleaners are also very toxic both to wildlife and people who handle them upon disposal.


It might be surprising but batteries make it to the list of items that can potentially harm the environment. Batteries are acidic in nature and as such, they can be toxic around nature. Like automotive products and house cleaners, batteries can also be a source of water contamination and toxicity.

Thermometers and mercury-containing apparatus

Mercury has long been one of the most noted elements in products. As a toxic compound that was used in the production of some thermometers, it can be dangerous to anybody. Mercury poisoning cases have always been recorded around the world. Disposal of thermometers and any other similar apparatus need to be highly regarded to prevent mercury contamination in open water sources or freshwater bases.

Chemical fertilizers

Chemical fertilisers are also dangerous when you don’t handle it well. As many chemical compounds can be found in chemical fertilisers, they tend to be irritants and corrosives in times of long exposure. In an environment setting, chemical fertilisers can help plants, however, they do nothing to the soil composition that plants are in. 


There is a proper way to dispose of paints and paint thinners. Water-based paint products are not hazardous and they can go with your normal household waste containers and collection. Other paints, however, like latex paint should be mixed in with something else that’s solid. After then, you can dispose of them off with other household waste without causing much harm.


There are many household products that cause negative effects on the environment. Water contamination and harm to wildlife are inevitable with improper disposal of these items. As such, we are all responsible for properly disposing of these household waste to prevent it from causing any harm to nature.

We are Paul’s Rubbish Removal and we are on a mission to help you in your garbage needs at the same time enact efforts in lessening the degradation of the environment. As much as we care for your trash, we also want to do our part in actively making the environment as free as possible from problematic household waste. Rest assured we do our best in keeping the dangerous trash away from nature. Do you have household waste you need to dispose of? You can contact us anytime for all your household rubbish removal needs. 

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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