You might wake up one morning only to realise that the hot showers you have been used to taking are not hot anymore. Mostly, that happens due to a hot water heater that has stopped working or has sprung a leak. To continue enjoying the hot water showers, you will have to replace the hot water heater with a new one. On average, a water heater will last for 8-12 years. And during the replacement, you are likely to choose the same type – either electric or gas.

The type does not matter, but you have to ensure that you have selected something more efficient to handle the daily needs of your family. Generally, a family of four will need a 65-gallon unit, but experts within your area will help you choose the right size for your home. Remember to check the total cost of operation for each unit before choosing – the manufacturer will have listed that on the sticker.

Removing the hot water heater and installing the new one

Start by turning off the water heater. If you have a gas water heater, you will have to cut off the valve to switch it off. Now, turn off the water supply and turn on the hot water faucets in your house. Using a garden hose, drain your tank completely. The pipes are usually hard-plumbed, so you might need to cut the line or connection with the hot water heater connection hoses. In some cases, you will only need to unscrew the connection, disconnect the pipes and remove the hot water heater. You will have to be careful when doing that because they can be heavy.

Now, place the new water heater in place and connect all the pipes. If your old heater did not have connector hoses, add them when in this stage. Ensure that the hot water faucets are open and turn on your water supply because they will prevent trapping of air in your water lines. Allow the water to flow from the faucet for around one minute and then turn it off. Reconnect the wires and switch on the power source. Wait for the water to heat up.

Routine upkeep will help maintain the hot water heater in the right shape for a long time. That means you should drain the heater at least twice in a year. The draining will get rid of any sediments and make it more efficient. Check the temperature knob on the heater and search for “vacation”. If you are planning to go for around five days, you will have to switch the settings to the vacation mode so that the heating and water bill can get some rest when you are away.

How to dispose of the worn-out hot water heater

Hot water heater disposal process should be easy. If you hired a plumber to do the replacement, they will possibly haul away the hot water heater and dispose of it. That is a faster solution and it will help you avoid the expected headaches. But if you are interested in the fastest and easier solution, check with the company doing the installation first. The authorities have established rules and regulations to ensure that the companies are not dumping the old water heater but hauling it and disposing of it properly. You should expect an additional cost for the disposal part, but it should not be much.

But if you are among the people who love completing tasks the DIY, you will have to try something different. You will have to decide on where to recycle the hot water heater. You can transport it to the local recycling centre or the scrapyard, but if that is not a viable solution, you can choose a pickup service that will pick up the heater and haul it away.

Before choosing any company, ensure that they are reputable and they will take the water heater to the right recycling centre and not to the landfill. Some companies are known to strip anything of high value such as the wiring and copper coils and dump the 60 gallons water tank illegally. Our Paul’s Rubbish Removal team will help you dispose of the water heater the right way and at a lower cost. We will arrive in your home and remove the old heater along with anything else you would want to get rid of. You can scrap the hot water heater and most recycling centres are ready to accept it as scrap metals. However, before doing that, you have to ensure that the tank is fully drained.

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