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How Often You Should Clean Out Your College Dorm Room

College life can be hectic sometimes as you need to balance a wide range of things every day. From your social life to studying, completing numerous assignments, attending class, staying fit, eating healthy, and cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, you should always wash your dorm regularly. So how often should you do this? We have divided your dorm room into various sections to help you understand how frequently you should clean it.

1) Carpet and floor

When someone walks into your dorm room, the first thing they notice is your floor and carpet. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to ensure that you clean both the carpet and floor regularly. For the carpets, you can vacuum at least twice or thrice a week skipping a day or two within the week. Vacuuming twice or thrice applies to scenarios where you live in a dorm alone.

When you have roommates, the case is different. The reason behind this is the fact that having many people in one space means more dirt is brought into the dorm over time. To ensure that you live in a dirt-free environment, vacuum at least seven times a week, and each of you can take turns. The fact that you have carpets does not exempt you from mopping. Sometimes you need to do a thorough clean-up, and this entails removing the carpet and cleaning every corner. You can do this every one or two weeks.

2) Windows

Nowadays, most dorm rooms have a window or two to allow fresh air to flow into the room and act as natural ventilation systems. The widows cannot serve you best if they are dirty as you will be inhaling a lot of dust, and your room will feel stuffy. Therefore, you should make sure you clean your windows every one or two weeks.

Here are a few quick procedures to help you clean your windows:


  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Wash Cloth


  • Mix a considerable amount of water with vinegar in a clean bucket.
  • Stir the solution, then dip your washcloth into the bucket.
  • Moisten the window using the solution.
  • Clean the window thoroughly by stroking left to right using the cloth.
  • Rinse and dry the window.
  • Make sure that you only clean your windows when there is no direct sun on your windows.

3) Toilet

Most dorms have toilets inside. If your room has a toilet, you should always make sure that it is clean and smells fresh all the time. If you do not do this, you might find it challenging to stay in the room as the foul odour and dirt from the toilet will make you feel uncomfortable. The frequency of cleaning your toilet comes in three different parts;

Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance happens when you flush every time you use the washroom. By flushing, you ensure that all waste goes down the drain, and your toilet is well-maintained. Scrubbing of waste that tends to stick on the toilet’s walls after use is also part of daily maintenance.

Weekly Maintenance

Weekly maintenance requires you to dedicate a little more effort and time to clean your toilet as compared to daily maintenance. Here you will use your scrubbing brush and a little detergent to remove any stain in the toilet. Doing so ensures that rust and yellow marks do not appear in the toilet bowl. You can then finish off by using a sweet-smelling spray to keep the odour away.

Monthly Maintenance

Here you will have to use a lot of detergents, bleach, and other cleaning solutions. With monthly maintenance, you need to scrub every inch of the toilet from the bowl to the seat, lid, and the bottom area. You should also clean your toilet walls and floors to ensure no dirt is left behind.

Keeping your dorm clean should always be a priority in your college life; therefore, you should always make time to do the cleaning. You should ensure that you vacuum your carpet twice or thrice a day if you live alone. You should clean your windows once every one or two weeks. Do not forget to do daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance on your toilet.

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