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How to Completely Clean Junk Out of a Warehouse

It is very easy to have your warehouse looking so dirty with layers of dust and particles on the floor, walls or in the items stored in the warehouse. Keeping in mind of its size, the thought of cleaning a warehouse can be discouraging, as you wonder where to start. Since it is a big store, it means, large items are stored there, with many other small items scattered in the warehouse. A dirty warehouse is not only bad for your customers who visit you on site, but it can also lead to your employees getting respiratory and other health issues. If you are wondering on how to completely clean junk out of a warehouse, below are a few tips to help you get started;

  • Keep an inventory

A warehouse is a big store where many items that are not accounted for can be stored. To ensure you are aware of everything you have in the warehouse, whether it is heavy machinery or small boxes of rubber bands, keep an inventory to track what comes in for storage in the warehouse and what has been cleared out. In addition, ensure your warehouse has shelves or compartments for storage that are clearly labelled, and isles that are not obstructed to facilitate movement of staff and heavy machinery.

  • Have enough waste bins in warehouse

Enough waste bins in the store will encourage employees to dispose garbage in the right place. Rather than dropping paper packages, labels or junk on the floor of your warehouse, waste bins will act as a reminder for employees to know where to dispose the trash properly and responsibly. Mark out fully wasted bins and recycle bins to save the amount of time that could be used later to sort out the garbage. Also, create an awareness for your employees on responsible waste disposal.

  • Empty the waste bins regularly

It is one thing to have waste bins in the store, but it is also another thing to ensure the bins are not overflowing with trash. Some of the waste to be placed in the waste bins may be big, meaning the trash cans fill up too quick. Place people in charge of the waste bins, to ensure they are always placed in the right place and they are not overflowing with trash and junk collected in the warehouse. Overflowing waste bins will only mean there is more trash on the ground.

  • Divide and assign your employees specific zones

To ensure junk does not accumulate in the warehouse, divide and assign employees to specific zones in the warehouse. Cleaning may involve simple tasks such as mopping, dusting, clearing out junk, or complex procedures such as cleaning the items stored in the warehouse. You should also give guidelines on how often cleaning should happen, for instance every day before the employees go home or at different intervals in the week. However, it is also important to ensure your employees have the right tools for cleaning. This may include mops, and correct safety equipment especially if your warehouse stores toxic chemicals.

  • Seek for help

You do not have to be stressed over clearing junk out of your warehouse, yet there are people who can help. If you do not know where to start, get a professional cleaning company to do it for you. A professional rubbish removal company will help to sort out items in you warehouse, what needs to be disposed and what should stay. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we are just a call away to help you completely clear out junk from your warehouse. With over a decade years of experience and a professional team, will help to organise your warehouse as we sort through items into different groups. More to that, we will responsibly dispose fully wasted junk from your warehouse, and keep recyclable items for recycling. Like you, we are environmental friendly.

A clean and organised warehouse is a conducive environment for productivity. Keeping your warehouse clean is the first step to attract more customers and to promote worker friendly environment. If your warehouse has become a store house of junk, it is time to get help from Paul’s Rubbish Removal.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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