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How to Recycle Rubbish at Home

Households are among the most significant contributors of waste across the globe. What is more shocking is the fact that just a small chunk of this waste is recycled. There are many reasons why this happens, one of them is the fact that when people hear about recycling, they always think about recycling plants. Well, recycling can happen anywhere, including your household, and you can learn a few recycling methods and put them into practice. How do you do this? Here we will highlight the different types of rubbish at home and ways of recycling them.


If you walk through two or three households in your neighbourhood, you will always find a piece of paper lying on the table or in the garbage bin. The reason is simple; paper is one of the most common commodities you will find in a home. The magazines and newspapers people read are made of paper. Letters, books, and envelopes are all also made of paper. So how do you recycle all of this?

  • Use as mulch or compost

Although many may not know this, paper waste serves as a vital ingredient in a compost heap. If you want to yield a healthy compost heap, add pieces of paper and let decomposition play its role.

If you do not wish to make a compost heap, spread small pieces of paper around the base of the plant, and this is what we call mulching. In this case, the paper is the mulch, and it not only adds nutrients but also helps in keeping the soil moist.

Old CDs

The world is going digital, and this means a lot of things are being left behind like CDs. Nowadays, people are using mobile phones, laptops, and other smart devices to play music and videos. With this in place, many CDs are no longer in use, and you probably have a bunch of them in your store gathering dust. Well, consider recycling them by:

  • Making a Mosaic Mirror

You can use your old CDs to sharpen your creative skills and create a beautiful piece of decor. The fact that the back part of CDs is shiny makes them the perfect material for the job.


  1. Get a beautiful picture frame, preferably rectangular.
  2. Paint the picture frame in any colour you would like to see on your wall.
  3. Cut the CDs into little square pieces, they do not have to be perfectly shaped but try as much as possible to ensure they are.
  4. Take glue and apply it to the non-shiny part if the little CD pieces.
  5. Glue the little CD pieces onto the picture frame. There is no specific order required; you can joke around and place them randomly across the frame.
  6. Leave the frame alone, so that the pieces can dry up.
  7. Once drying is complete, place your new and improved picture frame on your wall.

Wooden Pallets

The piling pallets in your store are probably stressing you out, as you have no idea what to do with them, and you are even considering throwing them out.

  • Make a Coffee Table For Your Garden

If you ever wanted to spice your outdoor living space with an item that not only adds style to your garden but also serves an important role, well, the answer is a coffee table. The best thing about this is that you do not have to buy the coffee table. You can use the wooden pallets in your store and make a stylish yet useful outdoor coffee table. Here is how you will build it:

  • Remove all the nails in the pallet and separate all the pieces of the wood.
  • Smoothen the pieces of wood and ensure there is no rough patch.
  • Attach the pieces of wood in a cuboid manner, making sure that all six parts are covered.
  • After doing so, you can paint your coffee table and start enjoying your evening coffee from your garden.

Recycling is something everybody should embrace and practice daily as it protects our environment. Therefore, people should always keep in mind that recycling is not something only recycling plants can do. You can start with household waste. In essence, everybody can recycle waste, and there are no limits to what you can develop using your skills.

One of the things you can do is recycle paper by using it as mulch. You can use old CDs to make beautiful decorations to add flavor to your living room. Let us not forget that you can use old wooden pallets to make a garden coffee table.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann is a Digital Content Writer for Paul's Rubbish Removal. Sarah is a huge advocate for recycling, environmental sustainability, health and well-being and has a genuine love for all sea animals. Keep up with Sarah by following Paul's Rubbish Removal blog!

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