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Improper Waste Disposal Methods That We Should Avoid

The world is currently tormented by environmental dilemmas such as global warming, climate change, and calamities. Consequently, our misbehaviour towards waste management is among the common causes of these adversities. 

Even in a small household unit, a small act such as improper waste disposal have a ripple effect on the environment as well as our health. Over time, bits and pieces of junk build up and severely pollute our resources. 

Hence, learning more about the effects of poor waste management can help you understand how to get rid of your own junk. With that in mind, here are different improper waste disposal methods that we should avoid.

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By consuming natural resources, we create byproducts and introduce them into our ecosystems. These include plastic waste, soil runoff, glass jars and bottles, among other pollutants.

Furthermore, litters are scattered rubbish and objects strewn about in improper spots, polluting the vicinity. Common examples are plastic wrappers that are thrown on backyards and beverage cans left outside stores. 

As the most common improper waste disposal method, littering primarily creates lasting damage to the area’s flora and fauna. Plastic cup rings are strangling marine life, chemical fertilisers cause algal blooms, and our waterways and soils are becoming more polluted than ever.

Poor Waste Segregation

Aside from littering, another common malpractice in waste disposal is poor waste segregation. It allows toxic waste to reach landfills that could potentially leak and contaminate our environment.

Contamination occurs when people throw toxic waste in curbside rubbish bins. These items can be easily missed by council waste collectors, thereby reaching your local landfills. 

Therefore, you need to give more attention to discarding toxic substances and make sure to separate them in sealed bags and containers. Moreover, you can dispose of food waste and small garden clippings by having your own compost pit.

Besides, if you think your waste will remain in the confines of landfills and the neighbourhood, think again. 

Ocean Waste Dumping

It is well-known that the Earth’s surface is filled with 70% of different bodies of water that play an indispensable role in our everyday life. And among all activities that pollute our oceans, waste dumping stands first in the list. 

Additionally, reports claim that around 250 million tonnes of rubbish end up into the sea every year. This tremendous amount of pollutants severely threatens aquatic life and impacts our health in terms of seafood consumption and marine activities.

Littering is also another factor that contributes to ocean waste dumping. Heavy rainfalls and floods that manifest in Sydney wash away all litters from streets and backyards into the sea, which absorbs huge amounts of oceanic oxygen. The depletion of oxygen results in the death of mammals and other fishes in their natural habitat.

Also, since the list of improper methods is on fire, we included another hot topic that concerns air pollution ‒ waste incineration.

Waste Incineration

Autoclaving and incineration are the standard treatments for many toxic substances and biohazard waste. However, it is not advisable for discarding household rubbish and plastics. Burning single-use plastics and other trash emit hazardous fly ash, dioxins, and other toxic pollutants.

Besides its environmental concerns, the toxic residues and emissions from waste incineration negatively affect human health as well. That’s why people should only let professional rubbish removalists to handle the removal of hazardous waste, especially when it requires incineration for treatment.

One way or another, the way you handle your waste has an indirect impact to your life and your children’s. We are living in turbulent times, and each of us has to play our part, and it begins in proper waste disposal.

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The Answer for Proper Waste Disposal

You can do the hard work and properly dispose of your rubbish on your own. But curbside bins cannot accommodate piles of junk, and the hassles of a skip bin can be daunting, notwithstanding fuel and contingency expenses.

That’s why Paul’s Rubbish Removal is here to give you the much-wanted peace of mind. Our professional team will take all your waste efficiently, so you don’t have to break a sweat stressing out from Sydney’s traffic.

Paul’s Rubbish Removal actively play a huge role in preserving our environment. That is why we implement bespoke methods for effective and safe rubbish disposal. We divert as much waste from landfills as possible, thanks to our vast network of NSW EPA compliant recycling and disposal facilities.

Call Paul’s Rubbish Removal in Sydney on 0407 125 125 for a cheap but reliable rubbish removal service.

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