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Is It Illegal To Throw Your Trash In Someone Else’s Trash Can

The Bin Stuffing Menace

There is probably nothing as annoying as having your bin stuffed. Imagine taking out the trash only to find it full of some stranger’s garbage. It could be anything from dog walkers leaving their stinky poop (always have dog poop bags on you!) to neighbours not interested in collecting their rubbish.

It is one of those seemingly petty things that could ruin your day. Or maybe, you are the bin-stuffing bandit. You do it because you don’t think there is a problem there. After all, it’s just trash. I mean, no one is getting hurt. So you have no problem doing it if there is space in your neighbour’s bin.

What exactly does the law say about bin stuffers?

These are 2 extremely different points of view. And I can honestly say that I have only come across a few arguments that evoke as much passion and emotion as this. Maybe the pineapples-on-pizza argument stands a chance. So before we get all riled up, let’s first see what the law says about this habit.

Unfortunately for bin owners, stuffing is not illegal in Australia. So you cannot have your neighbour prosecuted despite the inconvenience caused. On the other hand, the habit is generally considered super shady for bin stuffers. You might not get in trouble with the law, but it is unethical and might get you ostracised by your neighbours.

4 Ways to Protect your Bins from Stuffers

  1. Keep them hidden

If your trash is collected on specific days of the week, there is no need to keep the bins exposed. Have them tucked away until collection day when you can roll them out.

  1. Use a lid

Yep, a simple lid. It doesn’t even have special abilities like Thor’s hammer that only he can lift. Just any simple old bin lid. There is something about this simple tactic that stops many bin stuffers from leaving trash in their neighbour’s bins. It won’t always work, but it is worth a try.

  1. Invest in bin locks

If the simple lid trick doesn’t work, you might have to bring in the big guns. Not literal guns; let’s not get excited. I mean bin locks. These special locks lock the trash can and prevent access to people who do not have a key.

  1. Leave a warning

Some bin stuffers do it because they don’t know how much it annoys you. It, therefore, doesn’t hurt to make your displeasure known. A simple note explaining this should do.

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