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Is Landfilling the Right Solution to Our Garbage Problem?

There are many choices to dispose of your garbage. Landfills are one of the most common options for your garbage disposal. As one of the easiest methods of disposing of waste, almost all rubbish removal companies use this method when they deal with your trash. However, landfills aren’t the only option for waste disposal. They come with their own advantages and disadvantages as a chosen option for waste disposal. 

You might think, is landfilling really bad for the environment? How much impact does landfilling have in the surrounding areas and, more importantly, to the world? Is it really a viable option for garbage problems? Should I worry more about landfills and the negative effects they pose and contribute to the ongoing garbage problem already? You might be wondering first, what is a landfill, really?

Landfills are excavated areas of land that are used by different kinds of people to dump trash. It is an area specifically for garbage containment. A landfill looks like a garbage land where different kinds of junk in all different shapes and sizes are in. Imagine mountains upon mountains of piled up rubbish everywhere just there. Every single day, new trash is added to this excavated land from your local rubbish removal companies.

Landfills can effectively take trash away, however, that’s exactly what it does. It keeps trash until it degrades and disappears on its own, which in hindsight, takes a really long time. It’s like leaving the trash in a garbage bin and waiting around a long time to decompose. It may work for some types of garbage that can decompose quickly, but landfills are about the least optimal option for many products and after products.

There are many alternatives to the landfilling option of waste disposal. Companies and administrations are always looking for other alternatives to landfills to lessen the garbage problem in the world. These are some problems with landfills:

  • It runs out eventually. Waste consumes a lot of space and no matter how big landfills are, it will eventually run out of space to contain all the trash that is collected. The option to have another excavated land to store garbage can ruin wildlife and habitat areas of land.
  • All kinds of waste are there, making it a very dangerous place for anybody. Injury and threats are very possible for anybody who steps in landfills. 

On the other side of things, the disposal of garbage in landfills still has benefits. These are the advantages of choosing landfills as your choice for waste disposal of your garbage:

  • It’s very cost-effective. Landfills are among the cheapest ways to deal with rubbish.
  • It’s a good choice for containing garbage, especially garbage that doesn’t decompose or disappear as fast. Instead of sending tonnes of waste in the ocean, the landfill is a better alternative to contain those kinds of trash.


As landfills are one of the most common methods of handling waste, it seems like it’s also the most preferred way to do so. However, there are better ways to dispose of waste that don’t need to result in dumping it in an excavated ground. Dumping garbage and waiting for it to deal with itself can result in the big garbage volume accumulation we currently face. You can start with good waste management practices before choosing landfills.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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