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New Trends in Waste Technology That You Should Be Aware Of

Innovation has always been a driving force in keeping up with technology. This is not different in waste technology where any new innovation or better ways of waste management can make a beneficial result for everybody everywhere. After all, any smart and more advanced way of handling your garbage results in a better global situation in the environment. 

Here are some waste technology trends and technologies available for households and industries:

Water purification and wastewater treatments

For industrial waste, many companies are now also into looking for more innovative methods to deal with water waste. Factories can now look into more ways to recycle and purify liquid discharge. More initiatives and innovations are being made to lessen water contaminations. Local councils and agencies are taking more steps in making sure that water sources near factories are engaged in water purification practices and wastewater treatments.

Now, used water can now be repurposed for other aspects in the city. Your nearby fire hydrants that serve to fight any fire emergency can now have water sources from treated wastewater. There is definitely plenty of other use for water that’s been used. It doesn’t need to stream as wastewater immediately. 

Food waste technologies

On top of domestic waste, food waste has always been a big part of house waste. Sometimes even edible food is thrown to the trash without regard. This is why food waste digesters and dehydrators are present. Other products are also designed to extend the shelf-life of products at home. For smaller establishment in your area or your household, these gadgets are present to lessen the volume of food waste you throw away. 

Sydney councils have been planning on trying out a trial run for food scrap recycling. With the help of this kind of equipment, your food waste at home can still go a long way instead of rotting and attracting pests in the bins.

Chemical Recycling

Plastic is one of the highest volumes of waste in existence. Almost everything involves the use of plastic from packaging to the products itself. As such, chemical recycling is now in the looks to treat plastic waste that hugely affects the environment. With chemical recycling, plastic can now turn into something truly more reusable.

Plastic can definitely turn into reusable material and serve as a different raw material for something else via pyrolysis. Moreover, more products are now integrated with plastic components. It can also serve as plastic to create new plastic, elevating a more circular economy in the plastic industry. 


There is so much organic waste being shed out every single day. As such, composting is one the rise. As one of the sustainable methods in disposing of trash, composting has always been one of the methods for households to engage in. More nations look at composting as one of the more contributing ways to keep rubbish away.

Green waste also has high volumes in generation every time. Whenever you decide to get a garden makeover, your green waste can now serve as something else. Invest in setting up composting pits or mulch transformations to eliminate green waste slowly. The less waste there is, the better it is for the planet. 


There are many waste technology trends that are on the rise. As the waste situation here in the globe continues to affect everybody, every small thing you can do will count in lessening the trash we all produce. Let us all do our part in making this planet a more habitable world to live in with less waste.

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Sarah Ann

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