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How to Recycle Your Bike in Sydney

Biking has a lot of positive effects not only for your body but for the environment as well. It is an excellent form of cardio exercise and a hobby where you can meet a diverse group of cyclists in the community. Moreover, it is the best alternative transportation since it’s not fuel-dependent. You can save your money and help the environment need to reduce the gas emission in the atmosphere that affects us all.      

Even at its end, it promotes an eco-friendly farewell. Bike recycling is the best way to say goodbye to your road buddy for many years. And take note that it should avoid the landfills at all cost since Sydney has imposed stricter regulations in dumping recyclable wastes in rubbish sites. 

To guide you on how to recycle your bike in Sydney, here are some ways to do it:

Recover Usable Parts

Before throwing away your broken bike altogether, you can still look for usable parts and install them in another unit. It is especially necessary if you have high-end and quality components that you can’t just let go. 

And if it is impossible to assemble the salvaged parts to other bikes, look for online cycling sites where you can sell them reasonably and cheaply.

As for the other unusable bike parts, you can drop them off in community recycling centres near Sydney or get a removal company to transport them right away.

Also, depending on your suburb location, you can contact your local council pickup to collect them but never leave them on kerbsides because that is illegal. Enquire on your local kerbside collectors first on how to get rid of these unworkable bike items.   

Donate a Bike To a Charity Near You

Do you remember the joy after receiving your first bike? Or the times when it bonds you with your friends, cycling around the neighbourhood? 

Share these joy and happiness by donating your old or repairable bikes to kids and the less fortunate. There are charities and private cycling institutions near Sydney that take and recycle your bike unit and its parts. 

Be a good samaritan and bear in mind that for every bike you donate, a life is changed for the better.   

Scrap Metal Shops

Bike parts are valuable, especially for scrap metal shops. It usually has steel, aluminium, brass, titanium, and copper as its components. So scrap yards owners can take and recycle this metal waste in exchange for a few bucks depending on its type and weight. 

Here are some regular metal rates (per kg) in scrap yards around Sydney:

  • Copper — $5.00 to $7.00
  • Titanium — $3.00 to $5.00
  • Brass — $3.00 to $4.50
  • Aluminium — $1.00 to $1.50
  • Stainless Steel — $1.00 to $1.50

Rates are also different for every scrap metal shop, so do some market research first to maximise earnings. 

Rubbish Removal Service

If you want a hassle-free and effortless removal of your old and broken bike, Paul’s Rubbish Removal is the one for you. Getting a rubbish removal company will undoubtedly assure you that it will meet its proper bike recycling process.  

Avoid the actual hassle of lifting and transporting bulk and heavy bike parts. Paul’s team of trained and professional removalists sort and transport all kinds of waste, diverting them from landfills as much as possible. 


Isn’t it fascinating how bikes save us from all the nuisances such as expensive transportation fares and gas emissions from cars?. Even at its end-point, bike recycling contributes to a sustainable environment through diverting waste parts from landfills. 

Presented in this article are your options on how to recycle a bike. And if you choose the services of a rubbish removal company, Paul’s Rubbish Removal is the best one in Sydney. 

Our team of service-oriented and reliable removalists are experts in disassembling and sorting bike components following the NSW EPA Guidelines. Then, with our vast network of trusted and top-class recycling partners, they will make sure to transform your unusable bike parts into something useful.

Bicycling requires bike recycling for a greener environment. Call us now at 0407 125 125 or send us your concerns in our email

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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