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Removing Heavy White Goods From Apartment, House or Office for Disposal

White GOods

You might ask, what are white goods? White goods are named so due to their colour. Mostly, they are very large electrical appliances whether the manufacturer chooses to paint them white or any other fashionable colour such as metallic silver or not. In the past, manufacturers used to coat fridges with white enamel and that alone gave them their name.

Some of the items in the white goods category are washing machines, deep freezers, fridges, cloth dryers, air conditioners, stoves and ovens. Brown goods, on the other hand, consist of any other electronic device other than laundry and kitchen appliances. The term specifically refers to entertainment devices like stereos, TVs, radios and CD players.

White goods are hard to move particularly when moving them from a home with stairways. You should get professional help when doing that but if you want to proceed the DIY way. By sticking to these tips, the entire process of moving your outdated or damaged white goods for disposal will be smooth.


Even though you might get stuck when it comes to lifting some white goods like fridge and freezers and moving them out of the house, preparation is important. First, you have to empty the appliance and place anything that you do not want to dump in a safe place. You have to remove anything that can interfere with the move too. That will minimise the risk of spills and shift in weight when moving the white good. Any shift of weight will affect your balance and it might even send you flying. Start by removing the shelves in the fridge but if you want to send the fridge when it is still compact, secure them with tape.

Also, study the route you will take when moving the white good and most importantly ensure that the item will fit through your doorways and stairways. Some people have found themselves trapped in a corner when trying to move their 100-kilogram freezer.

Moving your freezer or fridge

It is recommendable you lay your freezer or fridge on its side when carrying it but many times you will not have another option, especially when moving it to an estate vehicle. Some models can cope with movements, particularly when on their sides but it is hard to guarantee that. If you cannot find a friend or a friendly neighbour to help you with the lifting part, you will need to be extra careful so that you can reduce the chances of an accident or even injury.

You will have two methods to use when moving the heavy white good – the furniture sliders method and the dolly method. Not everyone has an appliance dolly in his or her home, but you can rent one from a moving company, a tool shop or a storage company. Sliding a dolly underneath your heavy fridge and moving it gently is easy. Use strong straps to secure the fridge or any other appliance on the dolly.

Furniture sliders are easier to find and you can make one the DIY way in your home. You just need a piece of plastic, which should be bigger than the feet of the appliance and then glue foam pads on one end. After the glue dries, place the feet of the appliance on the pad and use the plastic’s slipperiness to move the appliance from the wall and out of the house. Be careful to avoid scratching the hardwood flooring or kitchen linoleum.

Moving the appliance

Wheel or slide the appliance far from the wall so that you can unplug it. Continue pushing it gently and slowly to avoid accidents or injuries. When moving a fridge, try to keep it upright. Of course, you might need some help especially if you have to move the item through stairways. With careful planning and good equipment, you can do the work alone. If that is not possible and you do not have someone to help, you should contact professional rubbish removers.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we offer efficient, fast, reliable and professional services to our local customers. Our company consists of hard-working and honest local professionals. We are the perfect solution when it comes to the disposal of rubbish and the white goods in your home.

Whether you are moving to a new house, doing a spring clean or preparing the property for new tenants, you just need to contact us. We will handle the whole transport and disposal process. Call us on 0407 125 125 for a free quotation.

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