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Senior & Elderly House Downsize: We Can Collect Unwanted Belongings

Downsizing a property is a common choice for elderlies aged 60 and above. Many seniors prefer a smaller, more comfortable home when they have all their kids move out.

Doing so reduces unwanted stressors in their life, minimising living expenses and freeing up space. But downsizing is easier said than done, as the transition packs a lot of physical and emotional challenges.

Read more about ensuring a safe, fast, and efficient downsize and how Paul’s Rubbish Removal can help.

Why Seniors and the Elderly Downsize?

Seniors typically face the emotional decision of letting go of some property space and furniture when choosing how to live their Golden Years.

Besides, the entire family may have lived in the same house before. But with all kids moved out, keeping a large space can be impractical for the elderly.

Other reasons to downsize include:

1. Safety and Logistics

Staircases, old restrooms, and long indoor walks can be unsafe for seniors. That’s why most elderlies prefer moving to single-storey properties with easier-to-navigate rooms so they can move around without worry.

2. Cost Cutting

Seniors who rely on a monthly pension or a fixed income must carefully budget their finances throughout their Golden Years. In that case, many prefer selling a large home and moving to a smaller apartment, home, or Assisted Living facility.

3. Medical Reasons

Older people are more susceptible to underlying health issues that need more medical attention. In that case, downsizing removes unwanted materials to make room for family members, medical equipment, and caregivers.

4. Living a Simpler Lifestyle

Downsizing a property includes removing old home theatre systems, a pool, or a lawn that requires maintenance. Seniors usually don’t have the luxury to maintain or enjoy themselves around those, so we recommend removing them and transitioning towards a simpler lifestyle.

Downsizing a property means removing all unwanted things and facilities from the house. This process can also generate tons of rubbish, so a rubbish removal team can be handy.

5. Housekeeping

Keeping up with household chores can be difficult as a senior citizen. Mowing the lawn, doing minor repairs, and other general chores can be unsafe and extremely difficult for elderlies.

It makes sense to downsize into a smaller property to minimise housekeeping.

7 Downsizing Tips for Seniors & the Elderly

Going through your prized possessions and a roomful of memories can be difficult for seniors and family members. To help keep your downsizing process smooth and manageable, here are some effective tips to consider:

1. Establish a Sorting System Early

Before any downsizing project, we recommend planning which possessions and household furniture you want to remove to ensure no room or section is overlooked.

As rubbish removalists who worked on many downsizing projects, we at Paul’s Rubbish Removal recommend starting big, like removing unwanted furniture, chandeliers, television, or other equipment.

Doing so will help you clear out space so you can quickly work through smaller junk and clutter in every room. Besides, going through unwanted materials is one thing, and getting rid of them is another.

We recommend partnering with a same-day rubbish removal team to eliminate unwanted junk, so you’re not only moving rubbish around. 

2. Clean out Unused Areas First

You’ll typically find unwanted items lying around unused areas such as guest rooms, the basement, the attic, or the garage. Moving stuff out of old and vacated rooms is also faster and easier since you’re not tiptoeing around important objects and furniture.

3. Give Unwanted but Useful Belongings as Hand-Me-Downs

While moving your stuff around, you might find unwanted belongings that are still useful for other family members. It can be an old bicycle that a relative can drive to work or an old guitar that a nephew can use to explore a new hobby.

If you think you have old stuff that your relatives can restore and use, consider handing it down to them before donating or throwing them away.

4. Establish a Floor Plan for Downsizing

You want to keep track of your goal throughout the downsizing process. A lot of things can pop up while clearing out stuff, which may lead to unnecessary changes in your floor layout.

To avoid forgetting your target downsizing outcome, we recommend getting a floor plan of the result first and working your way to achieve it. That way, you know which items you can keep and dispose of.

5. Seek a Rubbish Removal Partner

Moving stuff around isn’t the only challenge for a senior & elderly house to downsize. During the transition, you will need a Sydney rubbish removal partner to eliminate heaps of junk and unwanted goods.

Moreover, a team of rubbish removal experts ensures a safe and efficient junk collection and removal so that you can enjoy a smooth downsizing experience. Contact us today at 0407 125 125, and we’ll respond with a free quote scheduled at your most convenient hour.

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