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Sydney Laws and Policies in Industrial Rubbish Management

Industrial waste takes on many faces, from contaminating our drinking water, emissions of unwanted toxins into the air to reducing the quality of our soil. Industrial mishaps have caused a major disaster environmentally which have yet to be brought under control. While some needs an immediate measure, some steps have been taken to seek permanent solutions.

The issue of industrial waste has taken on grave importance for agencies trying to fight against environmental degradation. Industrial materials are not only seen in commercial industries, but it can also be present in every household.

Household industrial waste materials

Industrial products and their packaging are one of the most challenging household items to be disposed of. In fact, industrial materials are often designed to last and it is usually made up of synthetic materials. In addition to this dilemma, not all industrial household items are recognised for recycling method.

An average Australian household, stores various industrial products which make it challenging for some to identify recyclables to disposal. The industrial household products can be difficult to keep track since it comes in a wide variety of items ranging from nuts and bolts, garden hose, adhesive packaging, etc.

Civic responsibility for proper industrial rubbish removal

Residential waste

Every household is responsible for disposing of their rubbish by placing them accordingly in their proper waste bins. Which will then be hauled or collected by the local council or hired rubbish removalists.

Industrial waste

On the other hand, the sole responsibility of disposing of industrial waste lies within the company generating the waste materials. Most industrial wastes are not allowed to be treated in any local landfill or treatment facilities. This type of waste must be outsourced to a licensed industrial rubbish disposal company. Since there are certain wastes that have hazardous or potentially harmful properties that can compromise the public’s health and the environment. 

As dumping of industrial waste materials is rampant, EPA organised a team called Illegal Dumping Unit (IDU) to control and target illegal waste activities, such as:

  • Illegal landfilling
  • Dumping of hazardous wastes
  • Commercial waste materials of demolition and industrial scrap, liquid waste
  • Waste transporter companies operating without EPA license

Illegal dumping of industrial materials

Illegal dumping will not only pollute our land and waterways. It will also put the health and safety of the community at risk particularly when hazardous chemicals or asbestos are involved. 

Improper disposal of all types of waste materials falls under the illegal dumping category. There are significant penalties as high as $500,000 or 4 years imprisonment for individuals or $2 million for corporate bodies caught dumping rubbish materials from household to industrial waste on public and private land or into the waterways.

Proper management of our rubbish is every individual’s duty. May it be household or commercial rubbish materials, we should all be obliged to make an effort in disposing of waste materials responsibly.


The issue of industrial waste has raised questions and concerns in every nation of the planet. Mostly, it lacks effective policies or poor enforcement drive which allowed many industries to bypass laws. In the end, it resulted in mass-scale pollution that affected the lives of many people.

Industrial waste is still rampant and it will take years to be brought under control. However, EPA enforces rules on industrial waste management to protect our air, waterways, land and the health of the community for the future.

As a result, organisations have been created to seek permanent solutions to the problem. Advanced technology has been developed for the proper disposal of waste and recycling polluted water in the industries has been implemented for the conservation of the environment.

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Sarah Ann

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