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Things You Can Do with Your Old TV

Technology comes with updates and upgrades all the time. Over time, you may find yourself buying new items to replace the old stuff. One of these things you may have replaced is your old TV. So you are left with an old TV set that has probably been lying in your store or garage for quite some time now, and you have no idea what to do with it. Here are some of the few things you can do to get rid of your TV set without necessarily having to throw it away.


The practice of exchanging old items and adding a few coins to get new ones has been existent for a very long time. That is what we call trading-in. Some companies accept trade-ins in a bid to clear their stock and attract more customers. As the company beats its competitors, you can easily acquire a new television by just taking your old TV and adding the specified amount. Doing so not only gets rid of something you were not using but also helps you get a new TV for the low.


I know you are probably wondering how this possible if you are not a tech type of person. Do not worry; there are two simple ways you can go about this. One of the solutions involves taking the old TV set to a recycling facility near you, and they will do the job for you. With the recent rise of technology, finding a recycling plant should not be that hard. Maps on your smartphone or tablet are a great place to start. To get rid of the TV follow these few steps;

  • Search for recycling plants
  • Narrow the search to your area/zone
  • Retrieve contacts of the centre
  • Communicate with the people there. If they require you to set a time and date when you can deliver the TV, do so.
  • Deliver the old TV set, and you are all done
  • The other solution is hauling the old TV set away

Donate the old TV set

If you find that the TV does not serve any purpose in your home anymore, you can choose to donate it. There are so many schools, local charities, and non-government organisations around you that will be willing to take your old TV. The people from these organisations will add the TV to the things they take to the less fortunate families. The TV that you look down upon could put a smile on somebody’s face. If you feel that you cannot take it to them, you can then set the time a representative from any of these organisations can come and collect the old television.

Hold a yard sale

If you live in a suburban or urban area and you would like a proper way of getting rid of your old TV, why don’t you try a yard sale? Yard sales are one of the most efficient and effective means of selling things that you no longer use in the house. If the television still functions, you are in luck. You might be sceptical about this, but you never know, someone may be willing to give you some cash for the television.

As earlier stated, the functionality of the television is vital. When having a yard sale, the prospective buyer will most likely want to see if the TV works? You can have an extension cord outside and plug it in. You may also have you look for the remote control and put in some new batteries. Doing so will make it easier for you to convince people to buy the old TV set.

Getting rid of an old TV properly may be a tricky affair, but if you follow the tips above, it will be a walk in the park. You have the option of trading it in and getting a new one as long as you chip in some cash. You can also sell it through a yard sale. Hauling the old TV away is another great way of getting rid of it.

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Sarah Ann

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