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Top 10 Common Misconceptions about Waste Management

The amount of waste materials in our environment is growing at an alarming rate. Basically, if something is not done immediately, we are bound to be doomed forever. That is why people are slowly moving towards embracing waste management practices. This is, in fact, a good step towards solving the garbage menace. In as much as this is great, there is still one hitch.

Many people are filled with misconceptions about waste management. This, in turn, hampers the work and progress of waste management efforts. Now that is what we are going to solve here.

We are going to highlight a few misconceptions and state the facts to prove them wrong.

1. Different Areas Need Different Waste Management Contractors

Many people are convinced that every area needs different vendors to handle the waste. This is a misconception that is misleading people. If you hire a proper company that knows what it is doing, you can do everything handled in all the areas.

2. Recycling is More Expensive than Disposal

Another common misconception is that recycling an item costs more than disposal. This is, in fact, a false statement. A well-run recycling facility can be more cost-effective than a disposal facility.

3. Recycling Uses More Energy than Manufacturing Items From Scratch

A huge number of people believe that recycling uses more energy than manufacturing. These people are trying to say that recycling uses more energy than it saves. If you look at the facts, you will clearly see that this is false.  Recycling an item is known to save huge amounts of energy which can be used elsewhere

4. Separation of Waste During Disposal is Unnecessary

Waste management includes the entire chain from collection to disposal. This means that every step is crucial, and one mistake can ruin everything. One of the things that ruin such things is disposal misconceptions.

One common misconception is that separating waste during disposal is unnecessary. This is false. In essence, the separation of waste during disposal is really important. This is because it helps ease all the other steps of waste management flow.

5. Waste management programs take away poor trash pickers jobs

This is a complete lie. This is because waste management is a collaborative effort. For this reason, many nations have realised the integral job played by trash pickers. That is why many trash pickers earn a wage in many parts of the world. Therefore there is no loss of jobs as a result of waste management.

6. Landfills Solve Every Waste problem

With how things are going on right now. It would be a lie to tell ourselves that landfills will solve every waste problem we have. Basically, depositing waste in landfills is not the ultimate solution and saviour. This is because of many reasons. One of them is the fact that waste deposited in landfills pollutes water, soil, and the ground.

7. One Person Cannot make a difference

This is a false statement. This is because when it comes to waste management, there is a lot of power in one individual. We can use the example of an aluminum can. One person recycling a single can save energy to power a TV for 3 hours.

8. Trash pickup is a Utility

A utility means that you do not have any other option; you take it as it comes. Well, this is not the case in terms of garbage removal. Trash pickups depend on your service provider. Choose one that can customise the plans according to your waste disposal needs.

9. Recycling does not Make a Big Difference to the environment

You might not see it, but recycling is making the world a better place to live. Studies have shown that huge strides have been made in saving our limited resources. An integral part of this was made possible through recycling.

10. We Cannot Avoid the Increase in Waste Removal Prices

In as much as it is understandable to think this way, this statement is false. The truth is you can find a waste removal company that is totally transparent. That will go a long way in reducing the waste bills.


It is good to be on the lookout for the things people say about waste management. This is because you can start believing something that is probably false. Basically, waste management is a good thing, and we should all embrace it.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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