Getting asked some weird questions is all part of the job. We meet hundreds of different types of customers per month and actively speak with most of our customers who are at home when we’re doing residential rubbish jobs.

We also meet heaps of office workers and construction workers who are going about their daily work routines while we’re complete the rubbish removal jobs.

We enjoy talking with people as the team at Paul’s Rubbish are very friendly by nature. After all, we wouldn’t last in this very competitive industry if we weren’t!

In this post, we thought it’d be insightful if we covered some of the most asked questions we receive on a weekly basis. We also have a dedicated rubbish removal FAQ page for more of our service-based questions.

1. How much do you charge?

Rubbish removal collection rates are just like most tradie rates. We typically charge by the hour and provide a quotation on how long and demanding the junk will take to be removed.

We also factor in how far your location is from the waste disposal centre.

We work with different levels of waste management companies to reduce costs, passing on savings onto our customers. We believe that rubbish removal shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg which is why we do everything in our power to provide the cheapest rubbish removal service in Sydney.

2. What are some of the most disturbing things you’ve had to collect?

This is a funny one because after ten years of working in the rubbish removal industry, we can confidently say we’re seen it all. There’s not much out there that would disturb us when it comes to picking up messy, dirty junk.

It’s hard to pick out one specific case, however, we did once get called to a job where old newspaper had pretty literally filled up the entire room. It wasn’t a physically demanding job compared to some of our others where we’d be lifting all day. However, it was surprising to know that someone had collected this much newspaper and piled it up for countless years.

3. What don’t you guys remove?

We remove almost everything, however, common things we don’t collect include anything that might be hazardous or dangerous.

We don’t take things like asbestos, hazardous chemicals or large amounts of liquids. Anything that could put our team members at a health or physical risk we will not take.

As for anything else, if it will fit onto our truck, we will happily collect and dispose of it.

4. Where does the rubbish go to?

We touched on this topic a week back in our previous blog post. We collect and dispose of all junk and rubbish at a waste disposal plant. We recycle all items that are recyclable and aim to donate any items that can still provide value where possible.

5. Do you guys actually like collecting rubbish?

We get asked this a lot. Not everyone grows up with the dream of becoming a rubbish removal professional. For us, we love it.

It’s actually quite a challenging job that provides us with the thrills on a daily basis. We’re called to locations we never thought existed and are always meeting interesting people all across Sydney.

The team are physical fit and are always up for the task.

We’ve been born into the rubbish removal world and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well, that covers it for our five questions. If you require a rubbish removal collection service in Sydney, Paul’s Rubbish is the team for the job.

Call us for a FREE QUOTE today on 0407 125 125. We look forward to removing your rubbish!

Sarah Ann