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Which Trash Bins Should You Use in Sydney

Trash bins are handy tools that are essential in managing rubbish around the Sydney region. Everyone must obtain knowledge and understanding of using these items to keep things in order around the area. 

Since problems always come with the lack of information, it becomes a must for everybody to know more about waste management methods, especially when it comes to the types of trash bins used. 

You can’t just toss your rubbish in any trash bin and say that you’re properly disposing of it. Here in the Sydney region, we use different types or colours of bins to manage and sort unwanted materials accordingly. 

We differentiate the trash bins based on colours. There’s a designated container for particular types of wastes, and all of us need to adhere to the regulations set by the local councils. The system applies to all residents and rubbish collection companies in the area. 

You and your local waste removalists team must follow the guidelines and create an effective waste management approach. Always ensure to throw your trash in the proper bins to avoid unnecessary problems and penalties. 

Here are the three types of trash bins that you should use if you’re in Sydney. 

Green Lid Trash Bin

Green-coloured trash bins are for your green wastes. Organic or garden waste must go into these types of containers. Since they are not typically part of the trash bins set provided in every home, you’ll have to request one from your local rubbish collection team.

You can recycle your green wastes by using these bins, putting them to good use. But remember, not all types of organic or green rubbish can go into your green bin. The following are the only forms of wastes you can throw inside:

  • Tree and Plant Pruning
  • Small Twigs and Branches Trimmings
  • Grass Clippings and Leaves
  • Garden Shrubs and Flowers
  • Weeds

On the other hand, you can’t dispose of these types of wastes in your green bin:

  • Soil and rock
  • Building Materials
  • Food Scraps
  • Compostable Nappies
  • Biodegradable Containers and Packaging
  • Thick Tree Branches and Stumps
  • Garden Tools and Plant Pots

Your local council’s rubbish pick-ups won’t take your green bin if it contains unacceptable materials. So, make sure to check your containers before they come.

Red Lid Trash Bin

You can place all your general rubbish inside your red trash bins. They are your standard waste containers, and each residence must have this type of bin to manage household junk. Your council’s rubbish collectors will not take any wastes outside your red bin. 

Aside from that, the local council has a specific pick-up schedule for your trash as they implement a rubbish disposal system that will result in lesser environmental hazards. It’s essential for everyone to adhere to the rules and regulations of what materials must go into the red bins. 

As a conscientious resident, it’s vital to ensure that you only place acceptable items inside your red bin. Here are some materials you can put inside such types of container: 

  • Plastic Bags and Containers
  • Toiletries
  • Used Paper Products
  • Paper Containers
  • Styrofoam Products
  • LED Bulbs
  • Clear Glass and Glass Containers
  • Broken Glassware

There are also particular sorts of rubbish that does not belong to your red bin, these are:

  • Green Wastes
  • Electronic Devices
  • Household Chemicals
  • Food Scraps
  • Bulky Items (Heavy Furniture, Mattresses, Old Couches)

Red bins cover almost all kinds of unwanted materials from your household. Make things easier and more organized by performing the initial steps of sorting to manage and keep your trash in the red bin. 

Yellow Lid Trash Bin

Your yellow lid trash bins are for your recyclable materials. The red and yellow bin come together for every household. Each home or residence has a set of these containers to manage waste in the right way. 

If your household rubbish is recyclable and belongs to your yellow bin, then place them inside so that they can be of good use once recycled. However, keep in mind that not all recyclables can go into your yellow bin. There are specific items that don’t belong there. 

You should only place recyclable materials that are acceptable in your yellow bin, and these include:

  • Steel and Aluminium Containers and Cans
  • Empty Aerosol Cans
  • Milk and Juice Bottles
  • Egg Cartons
  • Aluminium Foil – crumpled into round shape before tossing it in
  • Plastic Water and Soft-drink Bottles
  • Plastic Food Trays, Containers, and Tubs

Here are some unwanted items that do not belong to your yellow lid trash bins:

  • Batteries
  • Plastic Bags and Bubble Wraps
  • Mirrors and Window Glass
  • Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Drinking Glasses and Pyrex
  • Tissue Paper and Nappies
  • Sharps and Syringes

Use your yellow lid bins for the accepted recyclable wastes. Don’t put any unacceptable materials in your inside as your local council rubbish pick-up in Sydney might not take them if they see such items. You’ll have to sort them out first and book a separate pick-up schedule to get rid of your bunch of recyclables.  


Here in Sydney, you have a variety of trash bins to use for your rubbish disposal. It’s vital to understand what are the functions of your green, red, and yellow containers to achieve an effective and efficient waste management approach.

You must also know what goes inside each bin to keep everything in order and make the rubbish collection fast without any delays. If you ever find yourself having concerns with the sorting and disposal of your unwanted items in Sydney, please call Paul’s Rubbish Removal for immediate and professional assistance.

We are the best team you’ll need to manage and deal with any household trash. Our team knows that waste management can get quite tricky at times. Hence, you can make us your partner for a better way of handling rubbish in your trash bins.

You don’t have to worry because we adhere to the local government’s rules and regulations when collecting and disposing of rubbish. We have 20 years of experience in removing almost every form of waste around the area.

With that, we are able to offer a wide range of professional rubbish removal services to meet all your rubbish removal needs. Our experienced removalists will take care of all the tasks for you, from sorting to disposal. Get on the line with us at 0407 125 125 for bookings and free estimates. 

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