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The Truth About E-Waste Recycling in Australia

According to research, the number of e-waste produced every year is more than the number of aircrafts ever made. Therefore, there should have an amicable way of taking care of such waste or else the human race is in for a lot of trouble. One of the best options on the table is recycling. A lot of countries are taking up the issue of e-waste recycling positively, and one of these countries is Australia. Here we will look at the facts about e-waste recycling in Australia.


Spoiled and discarded electronic materials and components are referred to as e-waste. Some of these electronic devices include;

  • Consumer electronics like TVs, radios, DVD players and much more.
  • Power tools like drills
  • Lighting tools like lamps

E-Waste Recycling in Australia

Australia may not be among the top countries in the globe when it comes to e-waste recycling, but it is slowly but surely getting there. For years now, the government of Australia has put in a lot of effort to facilitate the recycling of electronic waste. An excellent example of these efforts is the formation of the National Product Stewardship Scheme.

The National Product Stewardship Scheme came up with a program known as the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. The NTCRS was formed in 2011 after the passing of the Product Stewardship Act. The Act legislated that the issue of recycling electronic waste become a matter that needs to be handled by both the government and the industry players. The scheme’s main objective is building on the existing recycling mechanism of the councils in Australia and find ways of improving on them.

The program also recognises the efforts and works hand-in-hand with charities and other stakeholders in fostering recycling in Australia. The program’s collaboration with relevant stakeholders provides Australians with a responsible place of disposing of their unwanted televisions and other related devices. To get more information on where to get such services, you can search for e-waste recycling plants near you on the internet. There you can easily select your preferred area of recycling to ensure that your electronic gadgets can be put into use instead of being discarded.

Recycling plants in Australia

In efforts to recycle every electronic waste deposited by the people of Australia, the government and stakeholders have come up with recycling plants. One of these plants is the Tech Collect Company.

Tech Collect

Tech Collect is a free national service recycling facility based in Melbourne, Australia. The institution handles a wide variety of e-waste from televisions to computers and computer accessories.

How Does Tech Collect Work?

Tech Collect receives support and funding from numerous TV and computer corporations in Australia, many of whom are already leaders in social responsibility. Since such a thing is in place, the work done by Tech Collect ends up being a lot smoother.

Tech Collect conducts its operation by teaming up with councils and waste management firms spread across Australia. Doing so plays a vital role in ensuring that its services are available to household and small to medium enterprises.

Safety Requirements

For Tech Collect to run its operations effectively and efficiently, there has to be a set of rules that determine the success of the recycling process. Some of these rules:

  • Tech Collect only partners with people who meet the necessary health, safety and environmental requirements.
  • Tech Collect works with people who ensure that almost all of the waste collected is used to make new products

Getting to a point where all e-waste in a country is recycled is not a walk in a park it requires sacrifice, hard work, dedication and a set of well-structured rules and regulations. Australia isn’t a titan yet in the e-waste recycling industry, but it is getting there. With schemes like the National Television and Computers Recycling Scheme, the country is making huge steps in regards to e-waste recycling.

Let us not forget the fact that collaboration between the government and all stakeholders in the recycling sector, which helps in facilitating the growth of the e-waste recycling sector. Furthermore, companies like Paul’s Rubbish Removal also play a critical role in the fight for e-waste recycling. If you need any e-waste recycling services, call us, and we will take care of your needs.

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