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Types of Trash Bins for Outside the Home

When ensuring your home or workplace’s cleanliness and safety, choosing the right rubbish or trash bin is important, whether for indoor or outdoor use. Overflowing bins may affect your property’s overall appeal and aesthetics, bringing unnecessary risks and problems to you and the people around you. 

Since keeping your entire home clutter-free takes a lot of time and effort, it’s essential for you to find and use the right trash bin and lessen the burden. An accessible outdoor bin is a great tool to consistently place rubbish or waste materials and reduce littering in your area.

Maintain your home’s cleanliness and ensure proper rubbish disposal while improving its curbside appeal by knowing the different types of trash bins to use outside your home. 

Regular Plastic Trash Bin with Handles

Plastic bins with handles are among the most common trash bins that people usually buy for outdoor use. This is because they are durable and can fit about two large trash bags inside.

They also come with a lid to keep the bin close and the animals out of the rubbish. You can work them out for all your needs. With their durability, they can withstand harsh weather conditions, and you can safely store your waste materials until the next rubbish pick-up schedule.  

Aside from that, these types of trash bins come in multiple colours. You may choose whichever fits your needs and your home. They can also be of great help when recycling or segregating rubbish as councils have a colour-coding system for specific sorts of unwanted materials.  

If you need several bins in different colours, you can opt for these trash bins for your outdoor use. 

Conventional Steel Trash Bins

While many people have been utilising plastic bins, some are still using steel trash bins outside their homes. These containers are also durable and can endure severe weather conditions, whether heavy rain or snow. 

Although you may have to secure them during strong winds, they are still pretty rugged to stand the test of time. With proper care, you can use these traditional steel trash bins for several years. 

Wheeled Trash Bins

These trash bins are one of the most convenient ones you can actually purchase in the market. Since they come with wheels, they are fit to go around when you have to take out your rubbish for council pick-up. 

Most of these wheeled bins can hold around two to three trash bags at once. You just need to lean them backward and roll them to the curb without having to carry each rubbish bag to your driveway. Moving them around wouldn’t be much of a problem, even if you load them with heavy trash bags. 

If your house is quite far from the rubbish pick-up area, using a wheeled trash bin will be a better option for you. 

Trash Storage Shed or Enclosure

This container provides a place where you can store or keep multiple trash bags while waiting for your rubbish pick-up schedule. It’s large storage that’s more like a dumpster with a lock. 

It helps you keep your rubbish away from animals and other elements. Many people prefer to have this trash enclosure far from their homes to avoid foul smells from the stored trash. You may want to dedicate a specific area for your storage shed to keep your rubbish bags safe until you can properly dispose of them. 

You can also decide to build your own trash storage shed if you are confident doing it to be more cost-efficient. 

Step-on Trash Bin

Just like the convenient feature of some indoor trash bin models, this container allows you to step on the lever at the bottom of the bin in order to open its lid and toss your rubbish.

We know that rubbish containers are quite unsanitary. But with a step-on trash bin, you’ll be able to avoid the germs as you won’t have to touch the bin and use your hands to open its lid.

Double Compartment Recycling Bin

Recycling bins with double compartments give you convenience when sorting your rubbish as you won’t have to buy several containers. They come in two sections and are very useful outside your home as they allow you to categorise your trash properly by putting labels on each side. 

These bins are easy to use, and people usually place them outside to throw away unwanted items properly and stay on top of the recycling process. 

Outdoor Wicker Trash Bins

If you want a more stylish rubbish bin to add aesthetics to your home’s outside area, you can opt for this outdoor wicker trash can. It can serve the function of storing waste materials while looking nice and clean. 

However, wicker trash bins are relatively durable and may not withstand elements and harsh weather conditions quite as well as plastic or steel containers would. This is an option only best for outdoor areas with a roof or shed. But they can last a long time with proper care.  

Outdoor Recycling Bins

Rubbish goes hand in hand with recycling. That’s why we need to have effective and efficient ways to recycle unwanted materials as much as possible. Doing so will help reduce the wastes that end up in the landfills annually.

It’s necessary to have a recycling bin outside your home to sort out your unwanted items properly. But remember to check the council’s rules and regulations when segregation your rubbish and recyclables. 

You need to know what you should put in your recycling containers. Once you understand everything about your area’s recycling system, you can take your bins out on every pick-up schedule with ease.

Touchless Trash Bin

Modern technology has introduced the touchless trash bin, which allows you to open the container’s lid without touching it with your hands. It comes with a motion sensor that distinguishes the presence of a person in front of it.

Although this contemporary bin is not commonly for outside use, some models are now suitable for outdoors. They usually work by waving your hand above the trash bin to open the lid and throw in your rubbish.

Touchless trash bins are convenient tools for outdoor leisure spaces. You may put them on your patio or deck, whichever suits you. However, these bins are quite sensitive, and you can’t typically take them to the driveway for rubbish pick-up as you might bang them around and damage the sensor.

It’s better to carry only the trash bag during the rubbish pick-up schedule to prevent unnecessary problems.

Compost Bin

If you want to properly discard your organic rubbish, you can try using a compost bin outside your home. Waste materials such as paper, leaves, vegetable peelings, food scraps, and other compostable items may go into this container. 

You can make fertiliser out of these materials after weeks of storing them inside the compost bin and essentially aid your garden while doing a simple action but big favour to the environment. It may also allow you to cut down rubbish pick-up costs if you ever opt for a private service. 


Using recycling and trash bins is the first step towards proper waste management and disposal. Knowing the types of outdoor trash bins allows you to decide the best one you can use for your home.

With a rubbish container placed outside your house, you’ll be able to easily put and keep your unwanted items safe until the council pick-up day. Besides, it’s necessary to have trash bins, whether indoor or outdoor, to maintain cleanliness and reduce clutter in your place. 

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