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What Can You Do With Those Old Bicycles

The production of bicycles every year is estimated to be 130 million around the world. Considering this fact, it may not surprise you why there are so many old bikes in Sydney’s garage resting with rust and full of dust.

Bicycles have long been known to have many uses ever since before. These are one of the most convenient forms of transport to use today. It is environmentally friendly and one of the best tools to stay fit. But as much as bicycles have a lot of purposes, unwanted bicycles are an eyesore. 

When bicycles reach their life expectancy, it would be junk for the owner. Repairs can get costly if the bikes are old, so it’s a money-saving option to buy a new one. Bicycles can also take up space that is much needed for other things. So to minimise the unwanted old bicycles, here are some of the activities to deal with old bicycles.

Upcycle Your Old Bicycles

Rather than lamenting the gradually thickening layer of grime, what if you could put your old bike to good use? Have you ever thought about decorating your home with an old bicycle’s wheel — making it a unique table, or placing it in the garden? There’s so many ways you can think of to reuse your old stuff in your home. Along with that, here are some of the ideas that you can do to reuse your old bicycles.

  • Comfortable Bicycle Wheel Table – A coffee in the morning is refreshing when you are watching a magnificent sunrise. With a bicycle wheel table placed outdoors, you can comfortably rest and let the sun energise you. Old bicycles as a table is a great outdoor or indoor item for any cycling enthusiast.
  • Bike Horns: Hang Your Bicycle Safely – When you find no space at home for your beloved new bicycle, you can use the handlebars of your old bike to create a bicycle horn for hanging purposes. This would be perfect in an apartment where you would not be able to leave your bike outside. You can also use it to hang such items as coats and umbrellas to maximise its use.
  • DIY Bicycle Wheel Chandelier – You can make any room in the house shine with a DIY bicycle wheel chandelier. A cool light fitting using one of the wheels will produce a good product. Just hang several light bulbs around the wheel and wrap the rim with string lights to create a sparkly look. You can also try different designs depending on your creativity that fits your ceiling.
  • Old Bike as Garden Decoration – If your old bike is rusty, you can paint it in bright, spring colours – pink or yellow to contrast with the green grass. Placing plants in the bike’s basket will produce an excellent and elegant design for your garden.  

Donating Old Bicycles To Charities

If it’s still in working order or could be quickly repaired, the best choice is to donate it. Don’t let it collect dust in your backyard when there are people who can still make use of it. There are plenty of local organisations around Sydney that will accommodate bike donations, including thrift stores, charities for children, bike shops and non-profit organisations. 

Send Old Bicycles to Recycling Companies

Most rubber items, such as bike tires and tubes inside, can not be included with the regular recycling at the curbside. However, specialty recycling centres may recycle old tires in other fascinating and enjoyable ways, such as in arts and crafts projects.

When you want to recycle your old tires, you can contact a recycling company nearby to see if they accept used or defective tires or inner tubes. If they don’t, contact instead a specialised recycling facility to find out if they are taking tires. You can also contact local bike stores to inquire about any tire trade-in or donation services.

Use Parts to Create Your New Bike

If the life cycle of your bike ends and it’s not repairable anymore, there are still parts of the bike that can potentially help fix other bicycles. Bike frames, brake pads and chains are made of metal and rubber that can be broken down to turn it into a brand new product. It’s best to see your bike fixed or otherwise used before submitting it to recycling companies.

Hire Bike Removalist

If you have a big set of old bicycles you don’t need anymore, or you have one or two that you want to get rid of, calling a local bike removal removalist or bike disposal teams will be of good assistance. Hire a licensed and insured team to collect your junks right on-time and can also pick up other things along with a bike that you may want to get rid of at the same time.


Unwanted bicycles take up space in your house that can also be an eyesore. There are plenty of ways to make use of the old bikes resting in your garage. You can recycle, reassemble the parts of your bike to use it in your gardens or for interior designs. Additionally, donating is also a good choice for promoting goodwill and strengthening personal values.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, you can guarantee to worry no more of the old bikes. Our expert teams are expert in removing and sorting out any types of rubbish in Sydney. We will always ensure to make your rubbish recycled or removed responsibly. For old bicycle disposal and other unwanted rubbish removal in Syndey, please call us at 0407 125 125 or send us an email here.

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Sarah Ann

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