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4 Effective Tips to Stop Rubbish Bin Smell

Summer is here and every Australian is wary of their rubbish bin odour. No one likes the stench that comes from the bin especially during summer when temperatures are high. The warm weather helps bacteria multiply at a faster rate and hence responsible for the odour. Bins that occasionally took weeks to get stinky during winter now takes a few days or even hours.

This can be a menace to anyone especially if your bin is in the house or around your compound. Keeping the rubbish bins away from stench only requires simple precautions and of course making regular wheelie bin cleaning. Here are a few steps that would help in reducing the horrible rubbish bin smell.

1) Try using old newspapers

Organic matter contributes to a majority of the stench in your bin. How do you control it? Simple, old newspaper effectively reduces the putrid smell from your bin. Before putting any waste in your bin, put a few layers of old newspaper at the bottom of your bin. The newspaper soaks up any liquid and stops the stench from spreading. You can wrap up any type of food that is notorious for the strong smell in the newspaper like meat, onion or tomatoes before getting rid of them. The newspaper technique is just perfect if well mastered and you will not have to worry about smelly bins.

2) Bicarb soda also works magic

If newspapers are a rare commodity in your house, bicarb soda should be the best alternative. Bicarb soda, popularly known as baking soda or bicarbonate soda is an important component in your kitchen but this odour neutralising agent may be a great component for your smelly bin. You only need to sprinkle a handful of the baking soda at the bottom of your bin and let it do the magic for you. Baking soda helps in the absorption of odour and moisture until the next time you empty and clean your rubbish bin.

3) Try using a bleaching agent

A bleaching agent is also a common component in your house and could greatly help you in reducing stench in your bin. It kills germs that contribute to the stench in your bin. Keep in mind that bleach has its own strong odour so ensure you are working on a well-ventilated area to prevent concentration of fumes. Bleach may also interfere with the colour of your bin. You can still use heavily diluted bleach to avoid discolouration of your bin. It works miracles in removing odour in your bin.

4) Cat litter works perfectly as well

Cat litter not only gets rid of unpleasant odour from cats but also works perfectly in removing rubbish bin odour. Cat litter absorbs liquids and odour leaving a pleasant fresh smell in your bin. You need to replace the cat litter after emptying your bin or after it gets damp with moisture. You don’t need to look for the best cat litter. Any type of litter will work perfectly in eliminating the stench in your bin.

If you have a bad experience with odour in your bin, don’t worry any more. The above tips are a lifesaver and will greatly be helpful to you. If you need any help concerning rubbish bin odour, Paul’s Rubbish Removal is at your disposal. We are your best choice of rubbish removal in Sydney.

You can reach our hard-working team on 0407 125 125 who will be more than happy to help you!

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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