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5 Key Tips to Keeping a Clean and Tidy Home with Little Effort

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Everyone loves the refreshing feeling of walking into a clean and tidy home after a long day at work. The desire to maintain a clean space, keep everything in place, and raise a family in a spotlessly clean and tidy home is embedded in our subconscious.

Many people struggle to find a balance between their busy schedules and the terrible economy to find practical steps and tips to keeping a clean house. I

f you are one of these people, your search ends here because you just found the five most important ideas that will go a long way to help you achieve the cleanliness and tidiness you want so bad.

1. Rule No. 1: enforce collective responsibility

The first rule of keeping a house clean and tidy is to make every member of the family and any visitors understand that it is a collective responsibility.

Everyone must play a role in maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the house. If there are small kids in the house, train them to collect even the smallest food particles that drop on the floor while they are feeding and show them how to clear the dishes after every meal.

The effort it takes to maintain a high level of cleanliness will be much reduced when everyone is on board with the effort.

Not only does this apply to the house, but also for the entire property including the front and backyards.

2. Keep outside’s dirt outside and clean the floors twice a week

Everyone entering the house must kick off their shoes at the door to prevent dirt, grass, and other types of debris from getting into the house. This will not only help the floors stay cleaner for longer, it also prevents buildup in places you wouldn’t expect such as the counters, table tops, and shelves.

Depending on the number of people living in the house and how busy the house is, it is recommended that you clean the floors twice or thrice a week. A good old mop, vacuuming, or hiring a professional cleaning company will eliminate the dirt in your tiles, laminates, wood, carpet, or concrete.

A good old mop, vacuuming, or hiring a professional cleaning company will eliminate the dirt in your tiles, laminates, wood, carpet, or concrete.

3. Start your day with laundry and end it with dishes

The easiest way to make cleaning a habit, hence simpler, is to set specific times of the day to do the most difficult chose—laundry and the dishes.

Reduce the stress that comes with the stench and mould of dirty laundry by cleaning yesterday’s load in the morning.

At the end of the day, when the pile of dirty dishes in the sink just dare you to go slump on the couch, make it a habit to clean them before retiring for the day no matter how depressing it may seem.

Besides, the sooner you clean laundry and the dishes the easier the stains and spots come off. Be sure to put all the waste and trash in their respective bins or cans right after the cleaning.

4. Regularly remove the clutter and clean the hard-to-reach place

According to a 2014 Environmental Protection Authority Report published in The Daily Telegraph, households in Sydney throw out the most rubbish of all Australian Cities, each household averaging 13.7kg each week with Fairfield leading with 16.3.

This is a lot. The report goes ahead to advise residents to go through their drawers, closets, attics, garages, and other cluttered spaces to give away as much stuff as they can to charity before throwing out the rest.

It is best to carry out regular decluttering a day or two before a scheduled rubbish collection date to reduce the littering in the house and make it easier to get rid of what you do not need.

5. Have a regular and dependable rubbish collector

Unless your local authority has got the rubbish collection service covered, it is very important that you find an expert rubbish collection company that handles the most demanding work—getting rid of the rubbish.

The best company is one which sorts the rubbish after collection and recycles what is recyclable and disposes of the rest in an eco-friendly manner.

In most cases, the rubbish collection company will expect all the rubbish collected since the last collection placed conveniently out front or back for disposal. In typical homes, a once-a-week collection cycle is sufficient and cost-efficient as long as the service is hassle-free.


The thought of keeping your house should never cause you a headache; these simple five tips will go a long way to helping you maintain a clean and tidy house at all times no matter how busy the floors are or how little time you have at hand to clean it every day.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann is a Digital Content Writer for Paul's Rubbish Removal. Sarah is a huge advocate for recycling, environmental sustainability, health and well-being and has a genuine love for all sea animals. Keep up with Sarah by following Paul's Rubbish Removal blog!

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