After cleaning, you will most likely collect and deposit rubbish in a bin. Once you have done this, many people place the bins on the curbside. Having rubbish sit there is usually frustrating and makes the area look ugly. Well, it does not have to be this way every day. This is because great companies like Paul’s Rubbish Removal exist. Basically, with Paul’s Rubbish Removal, cleaning out your unwanted possessions becomes an easier and fun experience.

If you are in doubt, here are 5 reasons why you should hire Paul’s Rubbish Removal.

     1. Convenience

People usually hire rubbish removal when in need of help getting rid of junk. When you hire a team from Paul’s Rubbish Removal, that is exactly what you will get. On top of that, you will get a fun experience. This is because you will be seeing everything is being handled for you in the best possible way. Even if you are not around, rest assured that everything is being handled efficiently.

Working with Paul’s Rubbish Removal is also fun because the team will also clean up the junk disposal area.

     2. Responsible Junk Disposal

In the event that you have junk lying around on your curb, you are making that particular area look really bad. This particular situation can easily be fixed by calling in a team from Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We will not only collect the junk properly but also deposit it responsibly.

Basically, we pride ourselves in following all the laws and policies in eliminating garbage. This way, we do not harm the environment in any way. Being part of such things can be an exciting and fun experience for all.

     3. Expertise

Our company is committed to providing the best junk removal services. To do this, we understand that there needs to be a wide range of things in place. One of these things is ensuring that we employ qualified employees. On top of that, we also need to train them properly. That is exactly what we have done.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal we invest heavily in the training of our employees. This ensures that they provide exceptional rubbish removal services. That is why our clients enjoy watching these experts carefully execute their duties. The clients see this as a fun experience because they get to learn a thing or two.

     4. Avoid Health and Safety Concerns

Nobody likes handling germs and dirt, especially without the right gear. This is because it increases the chances of contracting various diseases. Even though you are not handling dirt, there are other hazardous wastes.

A good example would be broken glass and needles. It is at this point that Paul’s Rubbish Removal comes in. The fun part of hiring our team is that we will take care of all kinds of waste, including the infectious ones. This helps you avoid any health hazards and enjoy the rest of your day.

     5. Recycling

If you are a person who loves repurposing waste, hiring our team will really excite you. This is because here at Paul’s Rubbish, we know how to recycle various items. Let us say you bring various items you would like recycled to your facility. You will be guided on the various process that the items will undergo to achieve the other “new items”.

If you are lucky, you can even get a chance to witness everything and get to enjoy what we pride ourselves in doing.


When people hear about rubbish removal companies, they just think of the basic things. This may be true in some cases, but when it comes to Paul’s Rubbish Removal, the case is different. What we are trying to say is that hiring us brings a fun, extremely efficient experience that you might not get anywhere.

First and foremost, we help you rest and enjoy your day as we take care of all your junk removal needs.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we also recycle items that can actually be repurposed. If recycling is not an option, we dispose of the items in a proper manner. Let us not forget that we help you avoid any health and safety hazards that you may encounter. This happens mostly when you do not have the necessary training.

You can call us at 0407 125 125 for a fun, efficient rubbish removal experience. 

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    Excellent service; quote given on the spot for major clean-up of household throw-outs. The team provides quick, efficient and courteous removal! Very satisfied customer.

    Les Thompson, Bondi Beach, Residential Rubbish Removal

    We needed a few boys to come down to the building site and remove large amounts of materials after the demolition. Paul was very friendly and gave us all the info we needed. We scheduled for him to come down on the same-day as it was an urgent job. Not only did he arrive on-time and got the job done, he very professional throughout the clean-out and managed his team very well. Top job mate!

    Shane W, Demolition & Hard Materials

    Paul did a splendid job with cleaning out our backyard. We had old fridges, computers, microwaves, timber flooring and heaps of other junk left over from our house renovation. Paul was quick to provide advice and how much it’d cost to get everything cleaned up. He arrived at a time which suited us best and left absolutely no rubbish behind. I can not stress how happy we are now that our family home is junk-free! Thank you!

    Angelina W, Mascot, Residential Home Rubbish Removal

    Wanted to say a big thanks to Paul and his team for sorting out our rubbish on such late notice. Paul provided a fast and affordable quote, arrived on-time and had our rubbish totally removed within the time-frame we had given them. Can’t fault these guys whatsoever!

    David T, Maroubra, Household Rubbish Removal

    You guys are great, I’ll happily recommend you. I just wished I had found you sooner. I felt your price was a little too low when you quoted… so I didn’t think you would do such a good job… well done for proving me wrong.

    Sherryl D, Strathfield, Office Rubbish Removal

    Paul, sensational job as always, love how easy you make it look. Definitely won’t hesitate in calling you again should either my family or friends need rubbish removed. Thanks again!

    Simon R, Bondi, Garden Clean-Up

    Dear Paul, My husband told me what a great job you did in the kitchen, I got home and found every bit of our demolished kitchen removed and I just wanted to write and say thank you for doing it so quickly, thoroughly and for cleaning up afterwards as well. I would have no hesitation in recommending you. We both felt your price was very reasonable too. Many thanks.

    Martha K, Coogee, Kitchen Strip-Out
    Sarah Ann