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5 Tips to Declutter Your Kid’s Room

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Lots of people have a clutter problem. It can stem from a simple lack of time, or be feeling overwhelmed, or perhaps even a reluctance to let go of her babyhood or early childhood.

This is indeed understandable and pretty common!

Children are little for such a short time, and when they are little, we are usually so busy taking care of them that we are sad when it’s over. It’s okay to acknowledge these feelings, and it may be a relief. It’s a mixed bag of emotions raising kids, and it’s not easy. The right way to begin with decluttering and organising kids room is going step by step.

Here are our 5 tips for helping you declutter your kid’s room!

Tip No 1. Bin the room

Kids trip over stuff lying around on the floor. It may be items of clutter; it may be magazines, old papers, children’s toys or playthings. Whatever you spot as a potential hazard, remove it at the earliest time.

Tip No 2: Vacuum the room

Vacuum the edges of the room to remove dust caught in any crevices. If you have floorboards, give your kids room a quick sweep of the vacuum, or use a good microfiber mop which is useful for picking up dust and dirt.

Tip No 3: Utilise any leftover space

When space is limited, you have to utilise any leftover space. Purchase some great storage boxes that slide under the bed. They are fantastic. You can use them to keep all the dress up costumes in one box, console and games in another, and the last one can store toys. Because the boxes slide perfectly under the bed, it means they are not in the way and taking up valuable space.

If space is becoming a big issue, also try to use your garage space to store additional items. We covered how to declutter your garage in our previous article.

Tip No 4: Label your storage boxes

Reward your children in some way when they tidy up after themselves and put the right things into the right box. This not only helps keep the clutter away but also encourages younger children to look at the words and try to read them. It teaches them to be tidy in a fun way and helps you to keep the clutter away.

When the floors and window sill are kept clear of clutter, it makes it so much easier to whizz around with the vacuum and duster. One of 0ur top tips is to always clean with some upbeat music on, that makes it more fun for you too.

Tip No 5: Work alongside with your children

Children tend to gather and hoard toys that they don’t play with anymore, and they go through fads of collecting things like football cards, power ranger figures or console games.

If you can work alongside your children and maybe once every three to four months, have a real right sort through their toys and bag up anything they no longer play with, if it is in excellent condition it can be taken to a charity shop.

If you explain to your children how lucky they are to have such lovely things and other children don’t have that luck it makes them happier to pass on their toys to the less fortunate. They will feel like they have done a beautiful thing allowing other children to enjoy the toys they way they once did.

We hope you enjoyed our top tips for decluttering your kid’s room! If you have excess junk you need to get rid of, simply call Paul’s Rubbish for a rubbish removal in your local area today!

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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