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6 Easy Upcycling Projects You Can Try at Home

Whether simple or advanced, doing some simple projects by your own is always a thrilling and rewarding experience. It is always a norm to find your best friends toss used cans, tins, bottles and even beds in the garbage or tuck some in the back of their drawers. Little do they know that such items can be turned into funky products?

Many tend to freak out from doing some of these projects since they believe that they are only meant for people with outstanding DIY prowess. Sure, do you really need to be told that making a lampshade from a broken bottle does not necessarily require any skill? Plus, there are hundreds of benefits of upcycling old household items that there’s no reason not to.

Project 1: A soap dispenser from a used whiskey bottle

Rather than spending a lot of bucks in buying soap dispensers from a retail shop for your bathroom, you can make one from a used whiskey bottle. Generally, remodelled glassware always creates a fine touch for any homestead. They are fantastic and offer ideal transformations without spending a dime.

In this project, all you require is a clean dry glass bottle, favourite hand soap, stainless steel pump and a tube from a spray bottle nozzle.

Project 2: Candle holder from used bottle

Used bottles especially plastic ones can be upcycled into nice home decors. With fancy ideas and creativity, the outcomes of these projects can exceed your expectation. Candle holders are super easy and fun to make from used bottles. You will need only a few things such as utility knife, acrylic paint, hot glue gun, ribbon, ribbon bows, beads, brush, and two plastic bottles.

Project 3: Planters from used tins

Tins from used canned foods and liquid products are the second largest components of garbages. But, just like bottles, they have a plethora of benefits. They can be upcycled into different items depending on your DIY prowess. However, the easiest of all is using them as planters.

There are different types of planters that you can make out of used tins. These include; dangling planters, vertical garden planters, or just easier self-watering planters. All you need is tin or number of tins as per your specification, metal cutter, and some soil.

Project 4: A couch from a broken bathtub

Have you ever thought of sitting in a bathtub with no water for a long time? What do you think? Will it be amazing just like sitting in an ideal tub with controlled water supply? Sometimes, you can be left with no option apart from throwing the broken bathtub. Yeah, it is real. Some bathtubs have been repaired quite often that they can no longer sustain any repair. But before you throw it away, would give turning it into a couch or chair any thought?

It doesn’t require any expertise. All you need is a mattress which is to be set at the bottom of the tub, bathtub with removed front, pillows and four legs.

Project 5: Concrete block planter

A beautiful and eco-friendly environment is all that anyone needs. That is why most of these projects should realise eco-friendliness. Balconies and areas around apartments are usually limited in space. But we all need some little beautification around there.

However, you will always meet broken bricks lying around your homestead with no use. In such cases, all you need is to arrange them around your house in two close lines and fill the space between the two lines with soil. You can go ahead and paint the bricks before planting your favourite flower between them.

Project 6: Pallet tables

For good reasons, you will always realise that pallets are the centrepiece of any DIY décor project. They are often cheap and available from various warehouses and business points.

You can use pallets to make hanging gardens, bed frames, and tables. In most cases, you will realise that most of the pallets that go to waste are usually strong enough to hold even 30 kilograms of goods.

Most of the items that end up in the garbage in the form of litter are always not trash at all. They are ideal treasures that can be upcycled and even offered for sale. Maintaining a healthy environment is basically everyone’s obligation. Let’s join hands and make the environment healthier to live in.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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