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10 Brilliant DIY Ideas for Upcycling Old Tyres

With increasing numbers of vehicles, old tyres disposal is becoming a contemporary global problem. Though a number of them are recycled, they still pose harmful effects to the environment. Moreover, not all people have the necessary resources for basic recycling of the tyres.

However, you can turn the dusty tyre into an important element for your home in several ways. That is, through simple DIY projects. These projects create a tranquil environment that will guarantee your comfort and enjoyment.

1) Tyre Ponds

You can surely make a backyard pond or fishpond out of an old tyre. All you need is multiple of old tyres, tractor tyres are more appropriate for a large pond. Measure and dig the spot carefully and cover it with a tarp or plastic pond lining. This will ensure that the pond water does not percolate inside the soil. Insert the tyre in the dug area and cover it with a polythene paper. The last procedure is to pour water on the created pond.

2) Tyre Planters

Old tyres are wonderful rings of rubbers that are versatile to use for yard planters. They can be decorated to design unique pieces of planters for your home. A multiple number of tyres guarantee a list of options. You can design hanging flower gardens out of them or just a large garden for crops such as vegetables. Depending on your DIY determination, you can design any type of planter out of old tyres. It is worth noting that, if not carefully painted, the tyres can cook the plants. On the other hand, basic DIY skills may be necessary when creating different shapes out of old tyres.

3) Tyre Ottoman

Ottoman is the first thing you can dream of while designing your décor. They guarantee the needed comfort and home beautification. They are also versatile. However, you may be wondering what most of these items are made with.

With an old tyre, you can make either a redneck or an upcycled ottoman. So simple and unique, the two types of ottomans is the only way to liven up every piece of your residential space. Unfortunately, you will be limited to the creation of only round and non-convertible ottomans.

4) Outdoor Stairway

If you are living in the hillside then you definitely get the hang of how it can be tricky walking around your homestead more so when it rains. With old tyres, you can simply create a stairway out of them. First, you will need to dig flat round holes the same size to the collected tyres. Using a heavy-duty tool like a hammer, reinforce soil into the tyre. Make sure that the soil is compacted and with no air. Finally, arrange the tyres along the steep path.

5) Tyre Tables

A perfect coffee table or ottoman is an excellent item for putting together the outdoor life. With an old tyre, you can make a transformative DIY coffee table that can surely substitute the company-made table. All you need is a tyre or multiple tyres and some basic items.

6) Tyre Seesaw

Among the list of wonderful items that you can make out of any old tyre are the kid’s seesaws. So simple and fun-to-make, this type of seesaw goes at zero cost. The seesaw can be modified to accommodate even the old persons. Some little paint can work to create the seesaw in a required shade as per your preference.

7) Tyre Sandbox

Tyres make excellent sandboxes. Depending on the size of the tyre, you can make little or large sandboxes ideal for small kids. In a hot day, tyres do warm up. Therefore, you will need to paint them with reflective colours. For ideal comfort, integrate pine boards along the edge of the crafted DIY sandbox in order to create enough space for the kids.

8) Garage Bins

A lot of wastes are generated in the garage. Some of these wastes are oiled or oil products. Meaning, if not handled carefully, they can add unwanted additional paints on the favourite garbage bin. To avoid the hassle of buying another bin, you can create a garage garbage bin out of the old tyre. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

9) Tyre Walls

With a large number of tyres, you can design DIY garden walls, retaining walls and even house structuring walls. These walls are more appropriate where they will be protected from any form of damage. A popular finishing tyre wall, stucco, can be shaped and moulded over curved surfaces and bends for a standing out wall.

10) Tyre Swings

Apart from the sandbox and the seesaw, you can create a tyre swing for your kids. All you need is a sturdy tree, a rope or chain, bolts and some washers. Using a driver, screw the bolts on the top surface of the tyre. Using washers and bolts on the underside secure the bolts in place and then loop the chain or the rope through the eyebolt holes.

The aforementioned are just but few projects that can be done with old tyres. Generally, the list of items that you can make out of old tyres is endless. Depending on your DIY skills, the resultant item can range from basic, standard to a complex item. Paul’s Rubbish Removal offers various eco-friendly methods of dealing with old tyres that any person will never wish to miss. 

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