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7 Autumn & Winter Cleaning Ideas

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Most people will find that winter is a time of relaxation. We kick back on our sofas at night and snug up in our beds ready for the cold nights. What we often neglect is that fact that the house still needs cleaning!

So where do you begin? Paul’s Rubbish Removal has put together a list of cleaning ideas to ensure that your house stays cleans even during the old winter season.

Winter pantry cleaning

It’s important that all canned foods and everything in the pantry be quality checked to ensure nothing is overdue. We may often find that we stock up heaps of things during the summer and autumn and come winter, we’re not left with a full pantry of junk!

Run over your pantry at least a few times to make sure there isn’t anything there that doesn’t belong.

Attic cleaning

In winter, we spend most of our time indoors. This is when we tend to notice that our attics are completely cluttered with junk. Most things will be laying there gathering dust and maybe their boxes have worn out and need to be changed.

It is important to set aside some time to dust, clean out and label the items. The worn out boxes can be replaced and gift boxes taken away as rubbish. Paul’s Rubbish Removal handles such types of household wastes.

Winter closet cleaning

It is cold in winter and we’re often inclined to stay in rather than head out. If you’re staying home over the weekend, then it’s time to give your closet a complete once-over. If you think you have clothes that you no longer wear, maybe consider donating them to relatives or charities. A good clean out is always good to keep a healthy spirit and mind.

Winter shoes cleaning

During the winter, we need warm and proper boots – both to wear indoors and outdoors. Always make sure your boots are cleaned often to ensure that no dirt or slim makes it’s way into the house. Nothing is quite more frustrating than the house getting dirty in lazy winter!

Winter kitchen cleaning

During the winters, there is dirt and grime on the floors and it is necessary to scrub the floor, wipe the table tops, clean and sort out any waste that needs to be diposed. Make sure to schedule a regular kitchen cleaning routine, especially in the months of winter!

Winter furnace cleaning

It is important to clean the furnace and check if the filters are okay. The furnace keeps us warm throughout the winter period. If the filters are worn out, replace them and dispose of the old ones. If they can be re-used, clean them well before putting them back into position. Also, vacuum up any dust and clean any debris before you can finally crank up your heat.

Winter home office cleaning

In winter, most of us prefer to work from home. A lot of cluttered and unneeded papers fill up the home office. It’s important that your home office is as clean as possible so that you’re productivity as possible even in the winter cold. Make sure that office rubbish is collected and disposed of regularly.

To sum up, it is advisable to have a checklist of all the items you need to do a proper and in-depth winter clean up. Once set, you can scurry into action. Paul’s Rubbish Removal is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to properly collect and dispose of your rubbish!

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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