For many homeowners, rubbish removal is an important service, especially when they are planning to move to another place. One of the important tips on how to plan a successful house move is to include rubbish removal services on your list of things to do.

If you reside in Sydney you are in luck. Paul’s Rubbish Removal can help you safely and efficiently get rid of all your junk before you relocate.

Junk Removal Services

Paul’s Rubbish Removal is a company that offers a wide range of rubbish removal services for clients with diverse and demanding needs. We serve clients in various locations in Sydney. Our work involves rubbish removal for:

  • Residential homes
  • Offices
  • Building sites
  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Retail locations

While we work more with residential homes and commercial buildings, we also offer cleanup services for deceased estates, tyre and car removals, and garden waste removal. We also offer hoarder cleanup services for individuals as well as business owners.

If you are planning a residential move, we can provide same-day rubbish removal and cleanup services. Apart from collecting your rubbish, the team at Paul’s Rubbish Removal will dispose of it responsibly and recycle where possible.


With well over 10 years of experience in the industry, Paul’s Rubbish Removal has created a niche in the rubbish removal sector in Sydney, and for a good reason. We have a team of professional removal specialists who have been trained to handle any type of rubbish. We have also been trained to work in the most demanding circumstances.

Apart from the expertise of our removalists, we also adhere to strict safety standards. Our services, as well as our removal specialists, are also insured. This will ensure that your property is covered should there be any damage to your premises.

How we help with residential house moves

When planning your move, it is important to contact us prior to your actual moving date. Our team will assess the nature of the work to be done before giving you a free quote.

Whether you need rubbish removal services only, or you would like to have other cleanup services including your garden, our team will factor these in before giving you an estimate.

Contact us today for a free house moving junk removal quote!

Planning a residential move can be challenging for any homeowner. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal we ensure that the process is smooth for you. Whether you need help cleaning out your garden, or you simply want same-day garbage collection before your move, our team of professionals will take care of the mess for you.

Call us today to get your free quote. Our friendly team of rubbish removalists will also handle all your enquiries.

Sarah Ann