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Moving Houses & Rubbish Removal: What To Organise Before A Move

Thinking about moving to your new home may feel exciting and fulfilling. However, preparing and planning for the big move can leave you anxious and confused.

There are many factors to consider at once, and by failing to plan, you are planning to fail. We’ve had countless clients call for moving day rubbish removal services at Paul’s Rubbish Removal.

Here are proven tips to guide you on what to organise before a move. Follow along and take notes to ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving season.

Avoid Last-Minute Preparations

Most of the moving stress comes from poor and late planning. You’re making it harder for your family if you decluttered, organized, and packed up a few days before moving.

We recommend commencing preparations at least a month before moving. That includes listing down what to keep and throw away. Eliminate as many belongings you don’t need as possible and do this process room by room.

Moreover, you don’t want to pack up too early and live around boxes for a month until moving.

Packing up can take place within a week and should be clockwork as long as the purging and organising phases are complete.

Declutter and Dispose of Unwanted Junk

If you’ve been living in your old home for decades and are preparing to move out, you may uncover years’ worth of household rubbish collecting dust and bacteria. 

Preparing to move is a good time to get rid of heaps of junk and unwanted belongings, but you can’t just start filling up bins and piling them on the kerbside.

This is where your trusted local rubbish removal team steps into the picture. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal Sydney, we have time-tested experience and proven procedures to safely and efficiently organise, collect, and eliminate household and hoarder rubbish removal in Sydney on the same day.

We’ll help you inspect your old closets, rooms, garages, basements, and attics to remove old furniture, appliances, white goods, electronics, and scrap metal, among other household junk.

We can also help you decide whether to keep sentimental belongings and donate old but useful ones.

Organising is Key

Now that all the unwanted clutter is gone, the next step is to organise your current home. You’re still a few weeks before the big day, so you don’t need to remove the moving boxes just yet.

Instead, start organising all belongings in every room. That means keeping your belongings in cabinets, drawers, and organisers. Doing so can save you hours during the packing stage since everything moving with you should be inside drawers and closets instead of free-floating.

Pack Up Room by Room

It’s time to start packing once you’re only a week away from moving. If you properly organise all belongings in their respective drawers, packing them by room should be streamlined and easy.

Make sure to use each box for only a specific room. That means putting all your vanity products in one box and bathroom products in another (unless your new vanity closet is in your bathroom).

Even if a moving box has enough space for a few items, we don’t advise putting extra stuff in another room to minimise clutter and confusion while unpacking.

Label Each Box Properly

You don’t want to open all boxes looking for your phone charger. We strongly suggest labeling each box and writing a box number for each.

That way, you don’t have to go through each box looking for the one labelled “Kitchen” since you can keep a checklist with the box labels and numbers for fast and easy reference.

Organise Your Goals for the New House

Now that you’re greeted with a clean slate, it’s time to know your goals and organise your new house.

Do you want a well-stocked kitchen pantry or an organised linen closet for blankets and towels?

Understand what you want for your fresh house, and do your best to incorporate what’s in your boxes into your plan.

Unpack At Your Own Pace – But Follow a Timeframe

As soon as all boxes are unloaded and you’ve finished planning for your new home, we recommend immediately starting unpacking.

But it’s also wise to sink in all the anxiety and stress throughout the moving process and acknowledge that you’re only a step closer to settling into your new home.

You can start working at your own pace and set a realistic timeframe to hold accountability. Usual timeframes include at least one room per day or organising the entire household in a week.

However long you want to settle in, a realistic timeframe and goal should keep you focused and motivated to commit to the final stage and finally settle into your new home.

Besides, things don’t always go according to plan, and you may find heaps of construction waste and rubble scattered around your new property. Paul’s Rubbish Removal got your back covered for all your rubbish removal and cleanup needs across Sydney.

Contact us at 0407 125 125 and schedule an appointment at your most convenient hour.

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