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9 Tips to Help Keep Your Granny Flat Clean

Granny flats are miniature versions of full-sized house units with complete kitchens. In some units, the kitchen unit might be limited possibly to a microwave and a mini-fridge and therefore involve lesser issues than the full-size kitchens. When cleaning your granny flat, you have to ensure that everything from the couch to the unused bowls is sparkling clean. However, cleaning is among the hard jobs, which is the main reason most people hate it.

Here are nine tips you need to ensure that your granny flat is always clean.

1) Hire cleaners

At times, it will be hard to clean your granny flat the DIY way. For example, if you are pregnant or sick, you will require some cleaning help. Alternatively, if your tenant has moved out of the granny flat, it is a good idea to get the experts to handle the dirty rubbish.

2) Come up with a cleaning routine

You should handle some types of cleaning every week and others daily to prevent things from going out of control. Some people choose to do their laundry on Fridays and others on Mondays. Others choose to deep cleaning their bathroom on Sundays. Come up with your cleaning schedule and stick to it.

3) Spend some time cleaning each day

One of the things you should do each day is ensuring that your house is not getting out of control. Do your laundry regularly. After you have dropped your kids to school, you can start cleaning in the bathroom and then the house. Ensure that everything is where it should be.

4) Avoid scratching the floor

You can rearrange the interior decoration form time to time, but if you move the furniture pieces, you will risk scratching the beautiful floor. Do not drag the heavy tables and couches around. Instead, lift them to a corner and place towels beneath them. So, when moving the furniture, you will just pull the towels.

5) Declutter

This is among the rules you should remember when cleaning your granny apartment for various reasons. If you do not need an item or you do not love it, you should get rid of it to free up more space. That way, your house will appear cleaner and you will have a few things to dust.

6) Focus on one room at a time

By cleaning one room at a time, you will accomplish more each time. You will also be able to clean the room until it is done. That way, you will not start something and leave it halfway. The benefit of this is knowing that you won’t need to clean it again for the time being.

7) Get rid of what you do not need

When doing your regular cleaning, you are likely to find many things that you do not need. It is time to get rid of them. Get the rubbish experts to dispose of household items. If you come across a piece of clothing you do not wear, some kitchen supplies you do not cook with, out of date décor and toys for your grown kids, you will have to get rid of them. That way, you will have only a few things to dust during your cleaning.

8) Have a place for everything

Work hard to keep only what you love or use. After your items and dumping what you do not need, make sure that the things you love have a good home. Make sure that anyone else in the house knows where to find it. That way, they will know where everything has to go during cleaning.

9) Make the cleaning fun

You should enjoy cleaning. Ensure that everyone in your family enjoys it too. Even though some cleaning tasks are seemingly dreadful and at times, you will not be in the mood to clean, getting lost in the cleaning work will feel good. Turn on good music, light candles and use the cleaning products you love. That way, you will make a happy time for yourself and your family.

For your granny flat to be clean, you will have to choose your broom wisely. The market offers different types of brooms, each with its unique cleaning abilities. When cleaning a smooth floor, you will have to stick to brooms with fine bristles and a soft flexible handle that offers you the manoeuvring space. The outdoor areas will need stiff and strong bristles and hard handles for the porous surfaces.

Cleaning will involve disposing of rubbish at the end of the day. Whether you have a lot of rubbish or a little for disposal, Paul’s Rubbish Removal are a team you can depend on to safely collect your rubbish. Call the team on 0407 125 125 any time of the week for 24-hour same-day rubbish removal.

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