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Book Donation Sydney: What You Can Do With Unwanted Books

…And they lived happily ever after—the end.

Almost every book ends with this line. Have you also wondered what happily ever after looks like for a book? We’re curious too, but surely it’s not staying on an overcrowded shelf collecting dust for years, wondering if it’ll ever get opened again.

As book lovers, we understand the inner turmoil of letting go of our favourite books. They’ve been part of our lives for so many years. It just doesn’t feel right not seeing them the next day. But would you rather see them rot than let them go?

Yearly, about 1800 tonnes of books go to landfills in Australia. Surely you wouldn’t want your readers to suffer the same fate. Hence, it’s time to explore another option—to donate.   


One of the best ways to save an old book is by helping it find new people to take to its adventure. Charities focusing on education are filled with young minds eager to learn through the books and other learning materials we donate. Your book’s new owner might be the next Tim Winton.  

The Smith Family is an independent charity advocating for educational equality among Australians. Specifically, they help disadvantaged students by providing literacy programs and school essentials.

Apart from monetary help, they also accept donations, like books, to further develop their scholars. 

As a lay catholic organisation and believer of faith that does justice, St Vincent de Paul Society assists people suffering from poverty, homelessness, and any form of injustice. 

They use the proceeds from selling gently used goods like books at their Vinnies charity stores to support low-income support, housing, refugees, health, energy, and education programs.

If you share their vision, you may take your books to any of their 229 Vinnies shops across NSW or drop them off in Vinnies Donation Bins.

Educational Institutions

If you wish to see, students read your books personally, why not donate directly to schools? It can be your old textbooks that taught you basic grammar and arithmetic or your favourite novels which opened wonderful childhood adventures.

Turn this into a reality by finding a suitable public or private school.   

Local Libraries

Apart from charities, donating to libraries is also a good way to spread the spirit of reading in the community. Here are some promising options:

  • City of Sydney Library

To preserve culture and enrich the city’s history collection, the City of Sydney Library accepts books with local historical value. To donate, call 02 9265 9333 or email them at library@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au

Have you seen those little houses filled with books planted in yards and parks? Those are Street Libraries! These symbolise trust and literary hope since you can place or borrow books from these little libraries for free.   

If you have books, you wish to share or donate, place them inside the Street Library and let the magic begin!

Online Platforms

Another option you could explore, thanks to technology, is online platforms. You have to post your books on social media, GumTree, eBay, and Trading Post and decide whether to sell them or give them away for free. 

You can also join Freecycle, an online re-use organization with over 5000 towns facilitating trading and donations. To join, sign up and find your town in Sydney on their website.

Rubbish Removal Services

If you still find it hard to let go of your books or don’t have time to visit charities and schools, Paul’s Rubbish Removal Sydney is ready to lend you a hand!

If you have loads of unwanted books that you need to get rid of asap that aren’t in the best condition to be re-used, we can help. We can collect your unwanted goods and have them disposed of or recycled. Call us at 0407 125 125, and our friendly team will provide a free quote!

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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