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How to Get Rid of Old Books

Books are among the things that many people find hard to dispose of. That is, you would find many shelves of books in numerous households. If you are one of these people, over time, you may find the books piling up to the point that they are consuming a lot of space. At this point, you start looking for alternatives on how to get rid of them.

If you are currently looking for a means to dispose of your books, do not worry; we have you covered. Here are some of the ways of getting rid of old books.

  • Donate To the Local Library

Most of the libraries you visit have a wide variety of books. A huge number of these books have been brought in by well-wishers. Why not be one of these well-wishers, and donate your old books to your local library. Libraries are always open to having more books as it helps them grow as resource centres. All you have to do is make an appointment with the library officials.

This helps in easing the receiving process. Moreover, try to bring books that are gently used so as to help the next readers have an easy time handling them.

  • Give Out To the Less Fortunate

Giving out old books to the less fortunate is also a great way of getting rid of old books. Such books can go a long way in helping these people grasp a thing or two. What is collecting dust in your home, might actually put a huge smile on someone’s face. You can make a change by looking for local charities in your area.

Once you have selected one, follow all the required protocols. Once this is done, select a date when you can take the old books to the centre and do so.

  • Exchange For Other Items

Some old books that are in your house have value. Some people who collect old books are willing to pay for them. What happens most of the time, in such stores is a trade-in. In essence, you take an old book to a store, and the owner offers you another one in exchange for it.

Bookstores are not the only place where you can exchange old books. You can also try thrift shops. Some thrift shop owners are willing to take old books. In turn, they will let you get something from the store.

  • Make a “Free Book” Section

For this option, you need a small sign that says “Free Books.” You also need a suitable place where people visit frequently. For instance, you can choose a hospital. You can place old books and the sign on the side in the waiting lounge. The sign allows anyone to read the book and gather a thing or two. In case, the person wants to carry the book with him/her, he/she is also free to do so.

Before placing the books in a hospital waiting area, make sure you talk to the staff and get permission. This will help you to avoid scuffles and other issues. You can also put the books in public areas like bus stops and parks.

  • Sell the books

Selling old books is also an option. You can start by looking for bookstores in your local area. Approach the owner and ask if he/she is willing to buy old books from you. There are book owners who accept old books and others who do not. You should not be demoralized if you find one that does not accept. Just keep looking, and you might be lucky.

You can also try selling online. Shopify is a great place to sell old books. You get access to a huge number of clients at the click of a button. Once you post the book, a buyer will contact you. All you have to do is put in place the proper arrangements, and the sale is good to go.

You need to know one thing when trying to sell an old book. Try as much as possible to pick the ones that are in fairly good shape. Such books fetch a higher price than the worn-out ones.


You can get rid of your old books by selling them to a bookstore owner or through online platforms. Exchanging the books for other items is also a great way of disposing of old books. You can also donate the books to a local library. You can choose an easier route if you are not a huge fan of any of these options. This particular method involves calling a trash removal company.

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