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Top 8 Commercial and Residential Rubbish Facts of 2020

Every household and commercial establishments accumulate rubbish every day. However, not every business owner or homeowner considers hiring a local rubbish removal service provider to clean up their accumulated waste. Some choose to dispose of their rubbish by themselves while others leave them on the curbside for council pickups.

Usually, improper disposal of waste is the start of rubbish problems. And as we all know, some waste is hazardous that requires the assistance of an expert rubbish removalists service.

Discover more about commercial and residential rubbish facts of 2020 and learn how you can help in resolving the rubbish problems.

8 Commercial and Residential Rubbish Facts of 2020

Fact #1 Australia leads in paper and cardboard recycling

Australia is one of the top-performing countries around the globe with an 87% recycling rate. Paper and cardboard are the simplest rubbish materials to recycle and reuse. Additionally, living in a country with native wildlife that relies on trees to survive, this rubbish fact of 2020 is a recognition Australians should be proud of.

Fact #2 Australia’s food waste ends up in landfills

8.2 million tonnes of food waste goes to sanitary landfills. An average Australian household generates 400 kilograms of rubbish each year. Australia is one of the highest waste generations around the globe. 

Fact #3 Recycling a tonne of paper will save 13 trees

Australian consume up to 230 kilograms of paper materials or products each year. By recycling a tonne of paper, it will save 13 trees,  thousand litres of water, barrels of oil and thousand kilowatts of electricity.

Fact #4 Aluminium products are recyclable

Discarded aluminium products take 500 years to disintegrate. Moreover, aluminium materials are 100% recyclable and will not lose its quality no matter how many times it’s recycled. Also, when you recycle aluminium, it will conserve a significant amount of energy that can power a television for three hours.

Fact #5 Plastic materials is a major waste material in Australia

Australians rely heavily on the use of plastic from groceries, packaging, take-out meals, etc. By reducing our plastic consumption, it will significantly help in polluting our sanitary landfills and oceans. Also, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases into the air.

Fact #6 Glass materials take a million years to decompose

From commercial to residential, glass materials or products are present. Discarding glass products will take thousands up to a million years before it disintegrates. While placing them to the recyclables will not only help the environment, but it will also minimise procuring raw materials for glass products.

Fact #7 Australia dump a significant amount of electronic waste

Living in a fast and on-the-go age, an average Australian household relies more on the convenience of electronic appliances or devices. According to a study, Australians purchase up to 350 million units of electronic devices every year. And about 67% of the total units end up in landfills.

Fact #8 70% of toxic chemicals in landfills come from e-waste

As we rely heavily on the use of computers, electronic gadgets, devices, home appliances–we also discard regularly a huge amount of e-waste to our landfills. Electronic waste is mostly responsible for emitting toxic chemicals in the landfill such as cadmium, mercury and lead. 

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