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How to Deal with Electrical Rubbish in Your Home

Due to the advancements in technology, as well as our reliance on it, most of the items found in our homes are now electrical. Inevitably, you will need to dispose of your electrical rubbish when their product life comes to end. Many homeowners, however, find e-waste disposal difficult because they are not sure how to deal with them and whether they are recyclable or not. Hopefully, this article helps clear how you should handle electrical rubbish properly.

What is Electrical Rubbish?

Electrical waste or e-waste refers to electronic items that are no longer usable. This type of rubbish is characterised by plugs, batteries, or electrical cords. It encompasses a wide range of products from electronic accessories, small appliances through to large appliances. Examples of electrical rubbish are:

  • Broken computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Televisions
  • Remote controls 
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines

What are the Recyclable Components of Electrical Products?

The metals, glass, and plastic parts in electronics are recyclable. You can find these materials in most electrical products, for example:

  • Stainless and galvanised steel in microwaves
  • Insulators and copper in cables and electrical cords
  • Glass screen from TV and computer monitors

Can You Throw Electrical Rubbish in the Bin?

Ideally, you shouldn’t throw your e-waste in the rubbish bin. They contain hazardous substances that are toxic to humans and the environment. If you throw them in the bin, they would end up in landfills and can leach lead, mercury, and other toxic chemicals into our groundwater. Additionally, e-wastes also contain valuable materials that would be wasted if they ended up in landfills. What then should you do with your electrical rubbish at home? 

How To Deal with Household Electrical Rubbish?

You need to handle electronics with care even if they have reached the end of their product life. That’s because they pose risks to the environment and human health. Thus, you need to deal with your electrical rubbish at home in the most environment-friendly manner possible. Here are some ways on how you can dispose of your e-waste properly.

Have Your Electrical Appliances and Gadgets Repaired

Maybe it’s not yet the time to say goodbye to your broken appliances and electronics. Take them to repair shops instead so that they can revive your old electrical products. That way, you won’t have to spend on new items and you reduce the amount of rubbish you generate.

Take Your E-wastes To Recycling Facilities

After you’ve collected all your electrical rubbish at home, you can bring them to your local recycler so that they can recycle them. Some electronic brands also offer recycling programs for their electrical rubbish. You can also drop them off at their branches so that they can reprocess their own products and use them to create new ones.

Drop Them Off For National E-waste Collection Scheme

Australia has a National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme which collects old televisions, computers, printers, and other components from households for free. The Australian government has set up local waste transfer stations or retail outlets as permanent collection sites of electrical rubbish so you can drop off your e-waste at these sites. You can also send your TV and computer products rubbish at recycling events under this NTCR scheme.

Donate Your Electrical Rubbish

If you have old electronics that are still working, you can opt to donate them to schools, churches, and other charitable foundations so that your electrical products don’t end up getting disposed of yet. By doing so, you’re also giving the less fortunate the opportunity to own and use electrical items. 

Contact Paul’s Rubbish Removal To Handle Your Electrical Rubbish At Home

Paul’s Rubbish Removal offers old electronics removal including television, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and oven disposal. Hiring us is the more efficient and favourable option for you. You won’t need to collect your old electronics and drive all the way to recycling centres since we will handle that for you. Our friendly team of expert rubbish removalists will collect virtually all of your rubbish at home, sort them, and then haul them away for recycling and disposal.

As your most reliable rubbish removal company in Sydney, we guarantee efficient, safe, and eco-friendly services, so you have nothing to worry about. Just like you, we care for the environment. That’s why we always make sure that we handle the rubbish we collect responsibly and sustainably. Call us anytime at 0407 125 125 for emergency rubbish removal. You can also send us an email for your enquiries and to get a free quote.


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