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Occasionally, we run into large and bulky rubbish that doesn’t fit the normal wheelie bins we need to get rid of. The Randwick City Council has dedicated annual rubbish pickups to assist residents in the Eastern Suburbs with 4 household clean-up collections each year. This comprises of 2 scheduled cleanup days and 2 booked cleanup days.

Scheduled cleanup days are set dates throughout the year that the council decides to collect your oversized household junk. Each local council has different pickup dates and therefore you will need to check with the Randwick City Council website to check the waste collection date.

As for your booked cleanup dates, you will need to visit the Randwick City Council website to book an online waste collection date. You are allowed a maximum volume of one cubic metre for council collection in Randwick City Council. You are free to book for a council cleanup day that suits you. This is subject to booking availability and limited in the type of items accepted by the council.

If transportation is not a restriction for you and you have the time to dispose of your bulky junk, local recycling centres are available around Sydney for public drop-offs. Taking it to a recycling centre is without a doubt the best solution. However, you will need to locate your nearest recycling centre and check if they accept your unwanted rubbish. If they do, you may incur a fee to throw away your junk.

Rubbish and waste thrown on the nature strip outside of the Randwick City Council collection date is suspected of illegal dumping and you will be heavily penalised.

How to Prepare for Randwick City Council Household Junk Pick Up

Whether it is a scheduled cleanup or a booked cleanup, you will need to prepare for it the same way. It is important that you properly prepare your unwanted rubbish for collection as this will help the council workers speed up their services as smoothly as possible. They are simple and easy to follow steps that can make a tremendous difference:

1) Check that your item is accepted by the Randwick City Council (see below).

2) You can put out your rubbish on the street for collection on the day before collection day. If you leave them out early, this is treated as illegal dumping and can be penalised for it.

3) The Randwick City Council will allow a maximum of one cubic metre of rubbish.

4) Sort your junk out into metal and non-metal piles.

5) Small items should be placed in boxes or bags for easy collection.

6) Seal and label dangerous items such as broken glasses or mirror.

7) Make sure that the stack of rubbish is safe and organised for quick collection and isn’t obstructing pathways or vehicles.

8) Take off doors from appliances such as ovens and refrigerators.

Household items accepted by Randwick City Council

  • Furniture – indoor/outdoor table, chair, cabinet, wardrobe, cupboard, lounge
  • White goods – refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, heater
  • Appliances – television, computer, speaker, monitor
  • Mattresses – bed frame, headboard
  • Electronic waste – mobile phone, cables, circuits & chips
  • Empty paint cans

Household items that are not accepted by Randwick City Council

  • Building waste – bricks, sand, soil, tiles, timber, carpet
  • Garden waste – tree logs, branches, stumps
  • Dangerous waste – toxic chemical, paint, flammable materials, gas bottles
  • Car parts – motor oil, tyres, oversized metal
  • Liquids in containers
  • Commercial waste

Which suburbs does Randwick City Council cover?

The Randwick City Council covers 18 suburbs in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. They include:

Our alternative option

Waiting for your local city council to pick up your unwanted rubbish may not be an option for you due to various reasons. Time, convenience and the resources required to complete the job may not be available. For this, you must choose an alternative option that will suit your needs.

For greater convenience, Paul’s 24-hour same-day rubbish collection service offers Eastern Suburb residents with removal on the spot. They will be able to attend your home on the same day that you reach out to them. Instant rubbish removal is our forte. Our team can also hand remove the junk for you from anywhere on the property. If we have access, we can do it.

Leave it up to the professionals to get the job done for you. Paul’s Rubbish Removal will recycle and reuse waste where possible and will sort out your junk as best as possible. We will collect a wider range of unwanted household items that your council will not pick up.

For more information, it is best to contact our friendly team on 0407 125 125.

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