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Dealing with the Deceased Loved One’s Belongings

The pain of losing a loved one is always unbearable and takes time for the bereaved to heal and accept reality. But the most heart-wrenching experience comes about when dealing with the sentimental belongings of the loved one who had just passed on a few days ago. Given that this process is inevitable, you can always get prepared mentally before sorting through all the items left by your deceased relative, friend or closest family member.

Once you have fully identified the items, you can sit down and formulate a proper plan that will act as your guide when dealing with everything that needs to be sorted. From figuring out the steps to take to when sorting through the deceased loved one’s belongings all the way to taking everything easy, you can simply accomplish this mission and take back your life to where it was before the demise of your loved one.

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Figure out the steps to follow

Planning adequately is paramount if you truly want to accomplish this painful task in time. Commence the entire exercise by making up your mind if you need to speed up or go slow. Set milestones across the entire process in order to keep yourself on the right track if you are on a deadline.

On the other hand, you may choose to go slow by taking the whole process step by step to ensure that every single item is sorted and categorised accordingly. You can go from room to room or go through all belongings according to their categories. For example, you may start with books, move to textiles and wind-up the first process with electronics among other items.

Without a proper plan, you can get overwhelmed along the way and consequently fail to finish the task at the right time. Should you feel that the work is too much, you may ask your family members to lend a hand in the process so you may not feel drained in the end. Also, including family members and friends in going through and sorting out your deceased loved one’s belonging can help you understand what you can keep and what you to give away or discard. Obviously, you cannot hold onto everything that belonged to your loved hence the need to distribute to others what you don’t need.

Sort through the belongings

Start with getting rid of those items you don’t need, particularly those that are likely to go bad or mould. These items may include pantry products and toiletries or any other perishable household items. Unless you are going to use them immediately, let these items go in the trash to pave way for others.

But you will need to have enough trash boxes and bags to help you in eliminating unwanted items completely. If the trash is too much, you may consider renting a few trash bins from the local trash collector to make your work easier.

After you have eliminated the unwanted items, create at least two piles of what you want to keep and what to donate. Obviously, you will hold onto the pile of items you want to keep for yourself or give others and sell or donate the items in the second pile. Choose items that are meaningful to you by asking other people to give you their objective opinion on what is right for you. Take pictures of those items you don’t want to keep for remembrance. After arriving at this crucial decision, ensure that you do something about both piles to create some space for other things just in case.

Take it easy with everything

You can do this by asking those close to you for help in making the right decision regarding the sentimental items that you find difficult to let go. Remember this is the worst moment of your life and that is why you need both physical and emotional support. This way, a lot of pressure will be taken off your back leaving you feeling relaxed while getting used to the situation. Also, you should avoid regrets especially when you are deciding what you want to keep or discard. Should you feel overwhelmed in the process of going through your deceased loved one’s belongings, take a break and continue later.

Sometimes it is never easy to overcome the grief that comes about when you lose your loved one. Moreover, the pain and emotions can take a toll on you especially when dealing with items left behind. Should you feel the process is too much for you to handle you may consider hiring a professional rubbish removal Sydney company especially Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We’ll take care of the complete deceased estate property clearance so that you don’t have to deal with it.

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