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7 Ways to Transform your Old Furniture

Many of us have old furniture that we do not use anymore yet we find it hard to throw away. Most of our furniture reminds us about something or a stage in life. As years progress, we acquire new furniture and we are left wondering what to do with the old furniture. Disposing of waste contributes to general garbage which has immense effect on our environment. How can you transform your old furniture into something useful, unique and stylish in your home?

1) Painting

Some of our furniture look old and outdated because of the flaking and peeling paint. Adding a new coat of your choice of paint can transform your furniture to look stylish in your house. However, make sure you understand the basics of painting, otherwise you may end up with a furniture that is poorly painted. For first timers, consider using spray paint. You do not need lessons, and no preparations are need on the furniture before adding a new coat of spray paint. Spray paint from a distance and add several coats to make the colour even.

2) Change the fabric

The arm chair that you are used to, where you read your favourite books after dinner may look old but it does not mean it is totally useless and you have to throw it away. Instead, you can consider upholstering the chair. Changing the fabric can create a fresh environment in a room. Changing cushions of a seat is easy and it can also change the general outlook of a chair.

3) Hire someone to DIY your old furniture

If Do It Yourself (DIY) is not what you do best, or your schedule is tight, you can hire someone to offer you this service. There are different ways your old furniture can be transformed to look good and stylish for your house. For instance, an old grand piano can be transformed to become a unique book shelf or old chairs can also be transformed become a bench for your front hall. There a many ways your old furniture can be transformed to become a useful component to your home, consult a DIY expert.

4) Follow the rustic trend

The modern rustic is a trend that brings differences together to create a beautiful result of furniture. It aims at having textured but smooth and casual but elegant furniture. You can achieve this modern trend with your furniture, especially that which is wooden. Use sand paper to remove paint and outer coat and bring out the natural wood colour. If the furniture is old and sandpapering strategy will only make it worse, consider using paint that resembles the colour of the wood. There are many videos on social media to guide you on how to transform your furniture into a rustic trend.

5) Add an overlay

Adding an overlay to your old furniture can transform and add a new look to an item. For instance, you can add an overlay to your plain drawers to give them a unique and classy look. Some overlays are easy to apply and they come in different patterns and types to suite any type of furniture. If you want the overlays to match your furniture, you can paint them before applying.

6) Replace the hardware

Replacing old hardware can breathe new life into your old furniture. Swap out old drawer pulls for new ones to make the drawer stand out. The good thing about hardware is the variety of options you have to pick from. You can pick modern or vintage to match your style. Upcycling has many benefits that allows you to reuse old objects without spending a lot of money.

7) Add contact paper

Contact paper is a good solution for your old tables in the house. Contact paper has a self-adhesive surface making it easy to install on your furniture. There are different patterns and types of contact paper that you can pick from to transform your old furniture into a new piece.

Transforming old furniture into useful pieces is a good way to reduce the amount of waste disposed in the society. However, some furniture are too old to be renovated into something new. Such furniture can be cleared out. If you have made a decision to clear out your old furniture, contact Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We are the experts that will help you to get rid of the old and useless furniture in a fast and efficient manner in Sydney.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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