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The Effects of Recent Lockdowns to Sydney’s Waste Problems

As COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, the government initiated lockdowns to flatten the curve and slow the spread of coronavirus disease. The disease has significantly affected our day-to-day activities from physical distancing, daily sanitation, proper handwashing to travel bans. 

For months, these out of the norm have become our daily normal activities. However, the pandemic has also influenced the environment both positively and negatively. As people’s movement and businesses are limited, the air pollution levels dropped significantly. But, waste problems, on the other hand, are seen with a massive increment especially the surge of plastic waste.

During the unprecedented time, the single-use of personal protective equipment (PPE) soared high. The production of PPEs is in response to the general public’s demand as well as the healthcare workers and other essential workers. These PPEs accompanied with proper hygiene are the only known prevention measures to an unknown disease with no known cure.

Learn more about the negative impacts of recent lockdowns and the increasing rubbish problems in Sydney.

Effects of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Waste Problems in Sydney

Rubbish has become a major problem in Australia even before the lockdowns commenced. As Australia’s population continues to increase, so does the generation of waste. Discover more about the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on our existing waste problems in Sydney.

Excessive Household Decluttering

As non-essential activities are limited and people turn their homes as a workplace, an excessive household decluttering ensues. Homeowners have become aware of their surroundings the longer they stay-at-home which opt them to replace old furniture, home appliances and redecorate. These unplanned activities add up to the already increasing number of waste.

The Surge of Single-Use PPEs

As the number of COVID-19 cases increases so does the use of single-use PPEs in any healthcare facilities and even the general public. During the lockdown, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) has driven a massive increase in plastic waste. The single-use plastic is not just a city-wide or nationwide problem, in fact, discarded PPEs such as face masks end up polluting our ocean.

Plastic take-outs and groceries

As restaurants and other fast-food chains are limited, people opt for packaged take-out meals and some had their groceries delivered at home. These activities significantly contributed to the existing rubbish problems especially the bloating plastic waste. 

In A Nutshell

The lockdowns offered positive and negative effects on the environment and the people’s routine. For one, it has positively decreased greenhouse gases emission as people and non-essential movements are limited. Due to social limitations, the general public was prompted to stay at home. However, the limitation of activities has also contributed to the surge of waste problems especially the existing plastic waste.

Since people are mandated to stay and work in their homes, they diverted their attention to other things such as decluttering, renovating or remodelling their place. And instead of going out on Friday nights or romantic dinners, the general public turns to take-out meals. With this new hobby and new set-up, so does the surge of curbside rubbish problems. 

Also, the additional number of discarded PPEs is cluttering in our landfills and even floating in our oceans. The surge of curbside rubbish is not just the city’s (Sydney) problem. However, as a responsible homeowner and a law-abiding citizen, dispose of your rubbish responsibly. Entrust all your rubbish to reliable rubbish removal company in Sydney.

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