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Top 5 Sydney Charities That Will Take Your Unwanted Electronics

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Donating to charities is one best way to get rid of your unwanted items in Sydney. You may think those old and unneeded electronics belong to rubbish centres. However, they can still be used by other people so long as they’re in good condition. 

Based on the Vision 2020, 2019 Australian Communities Trends Report, five in every six Australians donate to charities or not-for-profit organisations. 

With such a generous population, it’s worth knowing how and where to take your unwanted electronics, especially if you’re planning to declutter your home.

So, here are the top five Sydney non-for-profits that will take your unwanted electronics. 

Habitat for Humanity Australia

Habitat for Humanity Australia is an international non-profit organisation that provides affordable housing to needy and homeless people worldwide. You can find local Habitat ReStores (Melbourne only) that accept different items, including household electronics.

You may donate your unwanted dryers, washing machines, laptops and other electrical appliances to Habitat for Humanity Australia through their ReStores. Gather all the things you want to get rid of but ensure they can still be of good use before donating them to charities. 

The Salvation Army Australia

One of the most trusted charities helping countless homeless and needy people is the Salvation Army Australia. They’ve organised different programs to solve homelessness and provide care for aged people. 

If you’re looking for non-for-profit organisations that will take your unwanted items, you can always turn to the Salvation Army Australia. They accept various things, including unwanted televisions, laptops, computers and other household electronics. 

You can bring your unwanted electronics to a Salvo Store near you or call them to arrange a pick-up service. But make sure that you only donate items that are still in good condition. Visit their website for more details about their donation process. 


Mobile phones have become part of our lives. You probably can’t go on a day without checking your phones.

But, like other electronic devices, you will eventually need to replace your mobile phone. It may be because it has lost its quality, or you just want to replace it with a newly released model.

If you have a bunch of unwanted mobile phones, you can donate them to MobileMuster. This non-profit organisation offers a free mobile phone recycling program and partners with various charities.

They take all brands and models of mobile phones, including chargers, batteries, and other accessories. You can bring your unwanted mobile phones to the nearest MobileMuster drop-off point in your area and safely get rid of such items.  


Like any other charity, Vinnies shops need items of good quality to fund programs. This non-profit organisation accepts various donations to help over 1.3 million people annually. 

If you have household electronics you want to get rid of that are still usable, you can opt to take them to Vinnies. Donating your unwanted electrical appliances can support other people in many ways. Such a simple action can save lives and help children have a better future. 

So, don’t leave those piles of unwanted computers, washers, laptops, and other electronics cluttering a valuable space in your house— take them to Vinnies shops. 


WorkVentures is a non-profit organisation that has established various programs to empower individuals and ignite young people’s potential.

They provide training and jobs which help many people gain meaningful skills and experience. Using donated computers, tablets, and laptops, they create sustainable technology solutions.

You can take your unwanted electronics to WorkVentures and help divert considerable amounts of e-waste from landfills.  


Many other groups can take your unwanted electronics, but the five organisations above go on top of the list. 

No matter where you opt to donate your stuff, remember that the goal is to divert significant amounts of rubbish from the landfill while helping others create a better life. We at Paul’s Rubbish Removal support such objectives and play our part in making sustainable solutions to manage waste in Sydney effectively. Our team provides helpful information along with our professional rubbish removal services for your safety and convenience.

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