Environment & Waste Events You Can Participate in 2020

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With the increasing awareness of climate change and rubbish problem around the world, everyone is looking to become involved in changing how we dispose waste and cleaning the environment for future generations. Taking action today will have tremendous effect in the future. Organisations and groups have started campaigns aimed towards changing the way we think and use everyday products. Recycling has become a big part of daily life with monetary incentives such as plastic bottle recycling. Nonetheless, we are still building towards a sustainable generation.

We have compiled a list of environment and waste events in 2020 that you can participate with the local community.

1) Clean Up Australia Day

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What is it?

Created in 1989 by two Australians, McKay Kim and Ian Kiernan, Clean up Australia Day is a non-profit Australian environment conservation organisation. The main objective is to build a network of environmentally-friendly businesses, individuals and groups. In doing so, it aims to facilitate faster solutions to solving environmental waste, climate
change and clean water.

When is it?

1st of March 2020

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2) Plastic Free July

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What is it?

Plastic Free July started in 2011 as a way to educate and raise awareness on the pollution created by plastics. Plastic has become a big component of our lives which serves in all areas such as plastic utensils, plastic containers, plastic bags, plastic furniture and more. The event aims to encourage everyone to participate by reducing the number of plastic disposable products in July. Research has shown that once the habit of using less plastic is developed over a month, it becomes easier for individuals to start a plastic-free life.

When is it?

1st – 31st of July 2020

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3) Keep Australia Beautiful Week

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What is it?

Keep Australia Beautiful Week is about taking action on improperly discarded rubbish in the environment. Wildlife and nature is affected by our rubbish which hinders its growth and beauty. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage everyone of all ages, demographic and culture to pick up at least one piece of rubbish each day for one week. We have caused the rubbish and pollution in the world, it is only right that we correct it by cleaning up our own problems. The organisation works with communities and individuals in Australia to keep the country beautiful for many generations to come.

When is it?

TBA (Sometime in August 2020)

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4) Global Recycling Day

global recycling day logo

What is it?

The event was created in 2018 to help individuals and companies recognise, celebrate and take action on recycling our goods. It is a day for the world to gather and put the health of the planet first. It is aimed making individuals become more conscious on the things that we throw away instead of recycling.

When is it?

18th of March 2020

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