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Home Cleaning: Fun Recycling Activities for Kids

Leaving the worsening state of our rubbish to the future generation sounds irresponsible and downright wrong. However, teaching our kids to recycle is the first step in taking care of the world we live in to save the future.

Regardless of status, profession or age, recycling is everyone’s responsibility. Teaching everyone in your home about recycling is the best way to reduce clutter, hoarding of useless junk and keeps your home clean. As early as possible, teaching kids about these simple activities help your home become sustainable for future generations.

However, many kids nowadays spend most of their time on gadgets, televisions and the internet. That’s why it could be a bit challenging to teach your kids the idea and ways of recycling. 

But there are ways to divert kids’ attention toward an enjoyable recycling experience. Working with a sustainable and rubbish-free home, here are some of the fun recycling activities that surely get your kid’s interest:

Composting Activity

Food waste is a huge problem in disposing of. You can show kids that food can be recycled too. Creating a compost bin in recycling your food waste could be fun for kids. Making it a daily routine is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids the composting process. And how it can be a source of nutrient-rich soil for plants.

Garden Pots

To complement your composting activity, repurpose old containers to create pots. Your kids would surely love decorating your pots, placed either on the ground or hanging. Aside from reducing unused containers, you add foliage, creating a beautiful outdoor view.

Waste-free Lunch

Using recycled containers such as Tupperware and other eco-friendly options is a suitable replacement for plastic bags in packing lunch. Take some time to explain to your kids the importance of creating a waste-free lunch and how it would benefit the environment.

Create Bird Feeders

Aside from reducing rubbish through recycling, birdhouses help your kids reconnect with wildlife. You can use sticks and plastics for your bird feeders, ideal and easy crafts for kids. Besides, using recycled materials demonstrate how cheaper it is than buying brand new things.  

Games on Recycling

There are lots of games you can do related to recycling. A recycling scavenger hunt lets your kids see how much there is to collect outside as recyclables. Also, you can do sorting games where your kids identify which are the recyclable materials and which waste.

Making Seed Paper

Instead of throwing shredded paper in the bin, you can create seed paper. Creating a seed paper includes shredding, blending, soaking with water, and drying your old and unused papers. Your kids can then paint on this recycled paper as greeting cards with seeds on it ‒ turning paper into flowers. 

DIY Toys

DIY or Do It Your stuff attracts many people on Youtube and other websites. Before recycling items, you can try to repurpose them and think if you can create toys out of them. Using cartons with some tape and glue, you can build a toy car that would surely fascinate kids.

Also, building a robot is possible with the use of cereal packs, cardboard tubes and other small cardboard boxes such as toothpaste packaging. To add aesthetics to it, you can paint on the final output.

Recycle Glass Jars

Reusing glass jars has a lot to offer in creating fun activities. You can put decorations and colourful paints on empty jars as pencil holders. Also, you can reuse jams in storing spices and homemade jams or vases and terrariums.

Recycling through Donation 

Help your kids choose the toys and clothes they are not using to be donated. Through donating, things are recycled, and other kids can reuse them too. At a very young age, this teaches kids the importance of recycling and how it helps someone else and the environment.


Recycling doesn’t only helps other people and the environment, but it is also fun for your kids. With a small touch of imagination, everything is possible in creating new stuff from old ones. Creating fun activities through recycling can reduce rubbish in your household.

Aside from having fun, it is crucial to teach kids the importance of recycling. At a very young age, this emphasizes kids on the responsibility of taking care of the environment. Also, recycling can become an essential part of their lives–turning inventive experiences into lifelong habits.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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