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Furniture Donation in Sydney: Junk for You Maybe Gold For Another

Please note: We do not accept any donations or furniture donations. We sincerely appreciate all the enquiries we have received, asking whether we accept donations. Please visit any of the reputable non-for-profits/charities below and donate your belongings to those in need. Thank you!

Sometimes you need to say goodbye to your chairs, couches, tables, or mattresses after they have served their purpose. Whether upgrading your furniture or discarding them because of damage, its disposal is not as easy as you think.

Sydney council pickups have strict regulations regarding the disposal of bulky and massive items. Although some councils offer free furniture collection, it might take weeks before pickup. Moreover, putting out your waste before the appointment date is considered illegal dumping, which will undoubtedly result in fines.

Bulky item disposal can be costly for some people. But as the saying goes, “It costs nothing to be kind.” Donating your “still functioning” furniture to charities and institutions is the best decision. The items that you consider rubbish may be gold for someone.

Where can I Donate My Furniture in Sydney?

Sydney consists of diverse groups of people coming from all walks of life. Even though the city’s economy is thriving, we cannot deny that some individuals experience misfortunes. Sydney recorded a 12.6% poverty rate in 2019.

Several charities in Sydney assist people in sustaining their basic needs. And as they face financial challenges, donations can help them provide more aid to the needy. So, before throwing away unwanted furniture, you can check out these institutions if they can pick up your donations:

1. The Generous and The Grateful (website)

The Generous and The Grateful is an organisation that provides the essential needs of people who want to rebuild their lives. With their motto, “Keeping the kindness wheels turning,” they can take furniture items such as dining tables, drawers, and still functional wardrobes.

The organisation focuses on giving aid to those at risk of being homeless. They help people seeking asylum, victims of domestic violence, and youths in danger.

If you have great condition, functional white goods such as refrigerators or washing machines (under 12 years old), then donating these items would be extremendously helpful. They will help serve many in-need Australians who need to keep their food stored safely and clean wearable cloths so that they confidently show up in life.

2. Vinnies Shops (website)

Vinnies shops in Australia take unwanted clothing, furniture, toys, books, and other clutter to support 1.3 million vulnerable Australians every year. They are the social services extension of St. Vincent de Paul Society and operate op shops where the profit goes to the less fortunate.

Furthermore, they aim to reduce the country’s landfilling rate and protect the environment by reusing and recycling donations. Depending on a shop near you, they can take your clutter and utilise them to fund their programs.

3. Bower Re-use and Repair Centre (website)

Bower Re-use and Repair Centre is an organisation that aims to help the environment by diverting unwanted home equipment and furniture from landfills. They offer free collection and repair services to 21 Sydney metropolitan councils.

Since their establishment, they have saved over a thousand tonnes of household items from landfills and about 30,000 goods repaired. They provide affordable goods sourced from the waste streams to low-income owners and other disadvantaged groups in the community.

4. The Salvation Army Australia (website)

The Salvation Army is an international charitable institution united by the Christian faith. They have established Salvos Stores and op shops that resell donated goods to help fund their assistance programs. If you cannot drop off your donations, you can book an appointment with them for collection.

Aside from furniture, they can also take clothing, accessories, toys, books, CDs, homewares, and electrical goods. Bulky items require enquiry before donation as their shops differ in size and capacity.


We should understand that not all of us have the same privilege as others. And with the difficulties faced by the world, being kind and helping the less fortunate will keep our faith in humanity alive.

So whenever you have unwanted furniture, donating them is the wisest choice. But you need to ensure that your donations are still functional and working so those who receive them can use and enjoy them.

Same-Day Furniture Removal in Sydney

In case of broken furniture and donation is not an option, booking an appointment with Paul’s Rubbish Removal Sydney is the most convenient choice. Paul guarantees to avoid landfills as much as possible and transport them to recycling and waste recovery facilities.

Our team of professional and skilled removalists can handle bulk and massive kinds of waste without limits and faults. We offer same-day furniture removal, mattress removal, and table & chairs removal at your convenience.

Expect us to be at your doorstep within an hour after your call with the appropriate trucks and tools.

We are also available 24/7 to conduct same-day rubbish removal. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 0407 125 125 or send us a message via email.

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