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How to Dispose Your Washing Machine For Free in Sydney

After years of use, your washing machine will eventually deteriorate and lose its efficiency. You may be thinking of disposing of such an old appliance and getting a new one for your home.

However, getting rid of white goods in Sydney involves certain processes. You can’t just dump your old washing machine at the curb and leave it there looking like a mess. Doing so can get you fined.

There are various ways to dispose of your washing machine in Sydney. But most people look for a free service. Besides, who wouldn’t want a charge-free rubbish collection?

If you want to discard your unwanted washing machine and white goods for free, here are some ways to do it.

Rely on the Council Rubbish Collection

The local council has set a rubbish collection schedule in various areas of Sydney. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of your washing machine and other appliances. 

You can leave them at any collection point near you. Secure your unwanted washing machine properly, and make sure it doesn’t cause any obstruction on people’s way when you place them at the curb. 

Aside from that, it’s essential to check with the local council for the designated pick-up days of white goods like washing machines. Their service is available every week, but the schedule depends on where you live. 

Besides, the council requires you to put your items out the night before your collection schedule. It’s essential to avoid causing a mess when leaving white goods outside a few days before the pick-up date. 

Donate or Give It Away to Nonprofit Organisations

Another way to dispose of your washing machines for free in Sydney is by donating them to charities or giving them away to recycling organisations like Freecycle

Freecycle is a nonprofit movement of people who are advocates of environmental protection. They can organise a pick-up schedule for your unwanted washing machine and white goods. 

Remember that the purpose is to reuse and keep good items out of landfills. Your old stuff can be put to good use when refurbished. 

This simple but helpful approach is not just environmentally friendly but also a cost-saving one. 

Take It to Recycling Centres by Yourself

You may opt to take your unwanted washing machines, dryers, and other white goods to the nearest recycling centre by yourself. But note that there are things you need to do before getting rid of such rubbish. 

You may have to remove your washing machine’s door for safety precautions. Check on the nearest recycling centre in your area if you can deliver your unwanted items to them. 

Make sure they can take your washing machine before you bring it to them. If you can transfer your rubbish from your house to the recycling centre, you won’t have to pay for any collection or removal service. 

However, when disposing of heavy loads of rubbish, say more than five washing machines or white goods, you may have to hire a roll-off dumpster that is not free anymore. 


There are various ways to dispose of your washing machines for free. You can wait for council collection, give them away to charities and organisations, and take them to recycling centres yourself. 

While all of these prevent you from paying any fees, they won’t always work for you. If you lack the time and means to deal with all the preparation and hauling of your washing machine and white goods, it’s better to opt for a professional rubbish removal service at Paul’s Rubbish Removal Sydney.

We offer convenient and safe services at reasonable prices. With our team working for you, you can avoid all the inconveniences of rubbish collection and disposal. 

Call us anytime to book your rubbish pick-up in Sydney. 

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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