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How Effective is Sydney’s Waste Strategy

Australia is one of the biggest contributors of waste to the whole world. As such, it has formed several policies to advocate better waste management in the nation. Sydney, one of the biggest contributors of the nation’s garbage, has always been on the lookout for better waste management methods. The city’s advocacy to push for a greener Earth and more sustainable living space paved the way to its active effort in handling trash. What exactly is Leave nothing to waste and what does it do?

Leave nothing to waste: strategy and action plan 2017-2030

Leave nothing to waste is Sydney’s long term project to mitigate the negative effects of the waste in Sydney. Waste isn’t the only thing that makes a territory more polluted and less habitable to people. Mishandled waste causes a big problem all the time. Everybody makes waste, but not everybody disposes of them well. Leave nothing to waste is about giving methods and initiatives for people to push for three things:

  • to reduce the amount of waste produced
  • to recycle as much as possible
  • to treat what’s leftover in the most sustainable way

This strategy and action plan started a few years ago and has been going on until the present. The action plan’s main goal is this: “…  a long-term goal of zero waste to landfill.” Alongside the City Council, firms and companies like Paul’s Rubbish Removal are also key partners in making sure that Sydney’s action plan on waste is a success by its said deadline, 2030.

Waste strategy methods

Sydney has given actionable methods to achieve the goals of Leave nothing to waste. Each sector of Sydney has its own specific set of actions to lessen the waste, yet the action plan gives focus on the following:

  • having food waste collections available for city buildings and public spaces
  • improvement of resource recovery
  • options for public place recycling
  • trial initiatives for illegal dumping
  • e-waste collection every week for residential settings
  • community drop-off recycling centres
  • textile collections investigations
  • trials for recycling food organics
  • improve waste management guidelines for businesses
  • providing business grants for innovative waste solutions
  • better waste data collection for business

The Performance of Leave nothing to waste

The action plan has reached some milestones over the years. With the active participation of the people and the promise of Sydney’s governing council to build greener spaces, Leave nothing to waste is showing good results to the people in Sydney. Over the years it has achieved this:

  • more recycling services and facilities for residential locations
  • 69% of residential waste diverted from the landfill
  • 24/7 response cleansing and waste team
  • Sustainable waste management advice to local businesses

These milestones are nothing more than the collaborative effort of the city and its people in waste disposal. The formulated strategies of the local council resulted in these results. This means that the actions in the action plan are effective and doable by the people of Sydney. Only a continuous effort to keep these actions coming can only guarantee that Leave nothing to waste will turn into a phenomenal success by 2030.


Sydney is still a work in progress in keeping up with its waste sustainability goals and resource recovery. Everything starts at home. Waste management methods start with each person’s habits. You can contribute to building with Sydney’s waste goals by doing your recycling activities at home. You can also ask other rubbish removal professionals like Paul’s Rubbish Removal to handle your waste in a greener way. Businesses, residents, city councils and other sectors have their own set of strategies from Leave nothing to waste.

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