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How Rubbish in Your Home and Backyard Attract Pesky Pests

You may think that your house is squeaky clean and peaceful until you notice your rubbish. And then you catch sight of pests swarming around your pile of garbage. What a double eyesore! While rubbish may look unpleasant to you, they are very much appealing to some creatures seeking food, water, and shelter. 

Pests can find their way into your house through your rubbish. When this happens, you may find yourself in a perplexing situation because these pesky creatures can be irritating, invasive, and harmful. And then the tranquillity you once enjoyed at home suddenly becomes inexistent.

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Pests in Rubbish

Listed below are the common household pests that are attracted to rubbish:

  • Flies 
  • Ants 
  • Cockroaches 
  • Termites
  • Rats and Mice 
  • Wasps 

Common Rubbish in your Home and Backyard

Even if you practice strict waste management and disposal, rubbish is still generated at your home daily. Common waste materials found in your home and backyard include:

  • Leftover food
  • Food cans and recyclables
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Lawn clippings and leaves
  • Pet wastes

How Rubbish attracts Pests

Pests are opportunist creatures and your rubbish is a delightful prospect for them. While garbage may just be useless pieces of scraps for you, for pests it provides their basic needs such as: 

  • Food – The main reason why pests are attracted to your rubbish is that it is potential food for them. Pests are lured by the odour of leftover food and food scraps found in your rubbish. Even the tiniest crumbs and dried liquid foodstuffs in your rubbish are an enticing meal for rodents, ants and cockroaches. Paper products are also a compelling food source for roaches and termites. 
  • Water – Pests also need water for survival and your rubbish may contain this basic compound. Sweet or flavoured water is especially enticing to animals like rodents. Moreover, moisture found in your wet trash is also compelling to cockroaches and bugs.
  • Protection – Your stockpile of rubbish provides spaces for tiny pests to seek shelter in and to be protected from predators.

Implications of Pests in Rubbish

Aside from the aforementioned fact that pests are an eyesore, having them in your rubbish could lead to:

  • Frustration – pests are the guests you don’t want inside your home or in your backyard because they are annoying and bothersome. Some of these pests can cause you pain such as stings from wasps and bites of ants while others are just plain irksome such as the regurgitation and buzzing sound of flies.
  • Pest invasion of your home – Because rubbish provides food, water, and shelter, it also serves as a breeding ground to pests. This allows them to grow and multiply because of the gainful sustenance and lack of predation. Furthermore, when these cunning creatures get used to being in your rubbish, they tend to be more brazen and they can potentially invade other parts of your home. 
  • Increased Risk of Disease – Decaying matter in rubbish is a conducive medium for bacterial growth. The longer it’s left rotting, the higher the risk of disease and contamination the bacteria can cause when these germs are transmitted to humans by the pests themselves.

How to Avoid Pesky Pests

Before you call pest control, practice proper rubbish control first. Some of the waste handling and disposal practices you could do are:

  • Use sealed bags when throwing wet wastes and food scraps.
  • Make sure that your trash bins are leak-proof and they do not have any holes or cracks.
  • Immediately shut the lids of your trash bins and ensure that they are tightly closed.
  • Wash food cans and containers thoroughly before discarding them. 
  • Keep your garbage chutes clean and dry.
  • Take out your rubbish frequently.
  • Contact professionals to help you deal with rubbish at home.

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