Method of disposing off garbage is one of the most vital things that any company or owner should give a thought. In fact even before setting up the foundation of that building, the only question that should run in your mind is, how your junk should be disposed.

However, not everyone will like to have that wheelie bin that gets full faster. Regular emptying, on the other hand, demands a lot of energy and can also attract some costs. It is for this reason that you must carefully consider several factors before purchasing a new wheelie or replacing the existing one.

But first, you cannot just wake up and decide on the size of the wheelie bin to use. You will need to work on these factors carefully before coming to terms on what to go for.

The purpose of the bin

Bins are used for different purposes. Depending on what the residents that surrounds it consume, bins can be used to carry bottles, small boxes, sachets, packets, unused clothing, dolls, office papers, food left overs and even dust.

Waste such as empty bottles, cartons and middle size packets, will fill the bin faster. This will demand that you own a sizeable bin. On the other hand, dust, pieces of clothing, small packets and sachets will occupy negligible spaces. You will definitely require a standard, medium-sized or small bin.

Number of users

In some situation, you may be looking for a bin that will be used by a company or residents in a specific flat. In such circumstance, you will need the largest of all the bins. On the other hand, a bin that is to be used by two or three individuals may not necessarily be that large. A small or medium sized bin can be appropriate.

The frequency in which the bin will be emptied

Prior to the purchase, you should be well versed with knowledge on how often the bin will be emptied. In some localities, bins are emptied after one month while in some; the practice is undertaken bi-weekly. In others, it is even done on a daily basis.

Where the frequency is too often, say daily, the smallest size will easily do. However, where emptying is done once in a while, you will definitely need a larger version of these containers.

Location of your premises and the existing laws

Depending on the state and the countries that your premises are located, there are different types of rules and specifications that must be followed as far as the sizes of the bins are concerned. In fact, even in some flats, you will be required to maintain a specific size of bins.

In most countries, the average council bins are usually 240 litres in volume. This however, should be the same among different residents found in such localities.

Number of wheels

There are two categories of wheelie bins; the two-wheeled titling bin and the four wheeled version. The number of wheels in a bin determines its size. A two wheeled bin is always smaller than the four wheeled one.

Prioritising two wheels over the four wheeled one relates to only one thing, limiting its size. For large company that accumulates waste faster, a four wheeled bin will be appropriate. On the other hand, a small premise or household will just need a two-wheeled titling bin.

The material the bin is made with

Based on the type of materials, manufacturing companies tend to go for specific sizes. You can easily find bigger bins made with plastic products than the steeled one. In some locations, finding a steeled or metallic wheelie bins may be hard. Meaning, if you want a steeled or metallic wheelie bin then definitely you will be limited to some specific sizes, mostly small ones.

As simple as the factors may seem, they are quite demanding. Sometimes you may need help from professional companies for the most appropriate wheelie bin. Paul’s Rubbish Removal are experts in rubbish removal and will help you with any question on garbage, bins and removal of junk. For over 10 years, Paul and his team has reliably helped residents collect their excess household waste that cannot be thrown into their wheelie bins.

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