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How to Declutter Your Home for the New Year

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There are many reasons why you would want to make decluttering one of your most important end-year resolutions. Decluttering not only results in a sense of self-efficacy but confidence as well. When you decide to take your time to organise your house appropriately, you’ll always feel energised after the work.

What’s more, you’ll see yourself as someone who is competent. It is also critical to mention that when you declutter, the chances are high that you’ll find some of your hidden or lost treasures. These new items can potentially help create a sense of serendipity and satisfaction which in turn, help boost your mood, cognitive function and increase your energy. Definitely, you have every reason to make decluttering a priority for this new year.

Despite many people being aware of the benefits you enjoy when you declutter, they still always find it difficult to discard junk and clear clutter from their lives. For most of us, laptops, TV sets and mobile phones are our constant companions and it’s quite hard to imagine our lives without them. To some degree, that is quite understandable. However, what can you do about the other many small items inside the house that you don’t often use? The chances are high that your house is filled with purchases you regret, items that expired long ago, unwanted gifts, outdated electronics as well as important items you have in excess.

The truth is that these junk items are denying you the much-needed peace of mind, happiness and self-control.

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Have a plan

It would be a great lie to believe that you can actually declutter your home in one day. If you thought you could, think again. The truth is that you’ll need lots of time, concentration and energy to effectively declutter your home. Not only will you be sorting through and identifying many different items, but you ’ll equally be making somewhat hard decisions regarding what to recycle, reuse and dispose of. This implies that to carry out a successful decluttering campaign, you must have a practical and realistic plan in place. Instead of spending lots of hours in a bid to sort out all the junk in a single day, work in small portions, probably half an hour each day.

Have a trash and recycling bin in handy

You would want to make the whole process as easy and straightforward as possible. This is why you need to equip yourself with trash and recycling bags to allow you to dispose of items even as you declutter. Once your search for junk items is over, put the unwanted items in bins outside of your house so there is no chance of it getting back into the house. Recyclables should equally be placed in their respective bin. This will make your work relatively easier.

Declutter from top to bottom

In simple terms, what this phrase means is that you need to get rid of all the stuff you don’t want. In that regard, the top regions include your attic, your walls down to the bedroom. Proceed by working your way down to the bottom regions, including your garage, bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom as well as the basement. Such an initiative will ensure your home undergoes a complete junk removal and there won’t be any doubt as to whether or not you could have left some rubbish in other rooms.

One in, one out rule

This can be quite an effective rule to base your actions on. Typically, the idea is to prevent more junk adding to what you already have. Every time you purchase or bring anything new into your house, try as much as possible to get rid of something in its place. This is where you would want to put aside an ongoing donation box in your house because it would make it quite easy to dispose of a particular item whenever something new comes in.

Let go of useless, damaged, broken, outdated and other unimportant stuff. An old DVD player, MP3 player, a broken toaster, outdated fashion magazines, old storybook can all be disposed of one by one, by following to the above rule. Old electronic junk is usually the biggest culprit with useless cables everywhere, thinking we will need it one day. Don’t let such stuff to draw your attention, take your space and energy away from what really matters. You would want to put in place an ongoing donation box to make your work relatively easier. If you didn’t know, a donation box makes it easy and convenient to dispose of things.

Take an objective look at your belongings

To declutter successfully, you’ll need to have a clear view of your belongings. How often do you use the selected items? Do you intend to use them in the near future? Do you keep the item just because you love it? How is it adding value to your life and house? These are some of the critical questions you’ll need to ask yourself. Based on this, you’d be able to sort your items accordingly and you’ll easily decide on what to keep or dispose of.

With these effective tips at your fingertips, you’ll find it easy to declutter your home. Actually, there is never a perfect time to declutter. It only involves learning how to keep your things and activities in check and under control. Paul’s Rubbish Removal knows this and can help you approach your rubbish removal task effectively.

We have dealt with hoarded junk and oversized junk to know that it can be off-putting to declutter for a new year. However, with the end of the year just around the corner, cleaning up your home can have a significant and positive impact on your life.

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