Technology has improved our lives, made life easier and helped us to stay connected to one another ever than before. As days go by, new technology inventions are made, with better advancements. In our world today, it is hard to imagine living without a smartphone, computer, GPS maps and other electronic devices.

However, although technology is good and new inventions make our lives better, the amount of electronic waste, also known as e-waste, discarded daily is gradually becoming a menace. E-waste, when disposed of carelessly has negative effects on the environment and limits the amount of space on land. To help you get rid of your office e-waste in an eco-friendly manner, below are a few tips:

Donate your outdated technology

Most of the e-waste generated from our offices are not spoilt and non-functioning electronics, but they are mostly old computers, fax machines, printers and laptops that are outdated and we want to replace them with more updated versions. Therefore, instead of putting your old technology in a garbage bin ready for disposal, donate these technologies to people who actually need them.

You can consider giving them to homes for the old, NGOs or students who could use them to finish their course work. Before giving away your old technology, ask yourself two questions, one, is the electronic device still functioning, and two, does the device have any personal information?

Sell off your old technologies

If you would like to make some extra cash from your outdated technology, then consider selling them off. With internet connectivity today, you can easily get a buyer for your unwanted electronic devices from the comfort of your office by simply posting them into online sites such as eBay and craigslist. To avoid shipping or transportation charges, sell them within your local area. Remember, put a clear description of the items and their functionality to avoid misleading buyers.

Give your e-waste to a certified recycler

With an increased amount of waste ending up in landfills and water bodies, we should all be involved in protecting our environment. One way is to ensure that we dispose of e-waste generated in our offices responsibly. One of the best ways in disposing of e-waste responsibly is to give it to a certified recycler in your local area. This way, you do not have to worry that the waste will end up in a landfill to pollute the environment or risk identity theft and data security.

However, before giving away your electronic device to a certified recycler, make sure:

  • You have formatted your machine and erased all your personal data
  • Take out the batteries form the electronic device and dispose of them accordingly
  • Check if you can upgrade the electronic device rather than replacing it

Give back the electronic devices to your manufacturer

While buying new electronic devices, ask your seller if they accept the devices when they get old. Some companies accept the outdated electronic devices and offer you a new updated version of the device at a discount. Most electronic companies have drop-off initiatives that allow users to drop off their outdated gadgets which they then recycle.

Donate your e-waste to a learning institution

Find out if there are any technical institutions in your local area that would need the electronic devices that you do not want. The old adage, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure can be applied here. These institutions may use these devices to study how the devices are made, how to repair them or use them for their studies.

All e-waste is made up of poisonous chemicals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and many others. When exposed to the environment, these dangerous chemicals cause health-related issues, contaminate the underground water, affect soil fertility and lead to deaths of many marine lives.

Therefore, it is important to make sure all your e-waste is properly disposed of.

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Sarah Ann