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How to Live a Rubbish-Free, Minimalist Lifestyle

Over the last few years, the minimalist lifestyle has gained massive popularity, thanks to the potential benefits. However, very few people have a clear idea of how to adopt a minimalist lifestyle.

Being minimalist is not about depriving yourself of all the important things you crave for. Again, it does not mean that you have to give up all the comforts and pleasures. Instead, it encourages a balanced living. If you didn’t know, it is about being fully informed of all the options you have, yet only opting for the ones that offer the most benefits.

What is a minimalist?

A minimalist and rubbish-free lifestyle is not about living on a shoestring budget. Rather, it revolves around living without being obsessed with material goods or an obsession with new things. It’s about quality, not quantity.

As human beings, we have been programmed to always acquire new possessions. We are never satisfied with what we have. You always want to purchase a new car every passing season, a new heating system every winter and the latest gadget each time a new one is introduced.

You always want to fill your walls with stuff you actually don’t need. Your basement is probably full of junk and you could be wondering what might have forced you to invest your money on all that stuff. Most people even end up racking up lots of debt in a bid to acquire more material wealth, a practice that has never been a good source of lasting happiness for anyone.

These desires can create a hoarding habit if your old things are not thrown away. We enjoy holding on to our belongings because it may hold sentimental value or worth a lot in our eyes, even if it is useless and broken. Hoarding rubbish can be an easy task but it is much harder to fix.

If you are currently finding it hard to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, don’t fret. We want to provide you with steps on how to live a minimalist life. We can also help you remove rubbish or junk that you may have in your household.

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1) Clear all the mess in your house

The trick is to tackle one step at a time. You’ll start this journey by first clearing all the mess in your home. There are possibly many items in your house that you don’t need or use. Worn out or damaged items can be disposed of whereas valuable items which you don’t seem to be using can be donated to others. After all, why should you keep something that you don’t intend to use?

Conduct an assessment of your life and evaluate how your life would change if you don’t own some of the items that are currently eating up your space. Every item you own should have a well-defined purpose. This implies that if you can live and cope well without an item, either dispose or sell it accordingly.

2) Stay organised at all times

To live a rubbish-free lifestyle, you must remain organised at all times. Do not leave items anywhere after using them. Instead, always make it a priority to put them back in their original location after use.

Your house should always give you the comfort you deserve, especially after work. Your material wealth should not deny you the space you need. Organise your possessions in such a way that you have space to move around. If you didn’t know, research has proven that clutter can potentially result in stress. Every item should be kept in a specific location where you won’t struggle to find it.

3) Watch your budget

A budget is an important area that you should seriously take into account. Prepare your budget keeping in mind only the most critical necessities. Only invest your hard-earned cash on what you basically cannot afford to live without. Again, it is highly advisable that you create a list of the items and other things you want to buy at the start of every month. This will prevent you from spending lots of cash on unwanted things in between.

4) Streamline your wardrobe

This can be a difficult area to deal with, especially for women. You probably have a whole host of clothes that you no longer put on. Sell or donate all the clothes that you don’t need and free some space on your wardrobe. Keep only the most stylish, durable and versatile attire.

5) When it comes to electronics, go with multipurpose devices

The idea here is that you can achieve so much with just a single electronic appliance. Rather than keeping single-purpose machines, go for a multifunctional product such as a laptop or even a smartphone.

For instance, there are so many things you can do with just a laptop. You can watch videos, call on Skype, listen to music, browse the web, store your documents, advertise your business and read the news. This implies that you won’t need a big television in front of you. Just with a single device, you can achieve so much.

Minimalist living room

Final comments

You have every reason to switch to a minimalist and garbage-free lifestyle. It will certainly take time but with commitment and inner drive, you’ll definitely get there. Organise your house first then cut back your material wealth to what is absolutely needed. Again, invest your money on quality products that will serve you for years.

If you need assistance to start your rubbish-free lifestyle, then give Paul’s Rubbish Removal a call on 0407 125 125. We are the experts in rubbish removal that will safely dispose of any junk that you have and give you the opportunity of a fresh start. We can provide you with enough resources to dispose of as much garbage or junk that you may have at home.

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